Should "Airfield" be a specific land cover type?

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Should "Airfield" be a specific land cover type?

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Currently most of airfields are built directly in the land cover their coordinates are, but I think treating airfield similar to built-up area is very inaccurate in terms of reality.

Characteristic of airfield area:
·Large paved and possibly hardened ground. most radar signal will be reflected much like on a mirror. Ground units should have speed boost like driving on city road.

·Very little buildings covering the ground. Some big civilian airfields may have large terminal stations, but military airfields tend to hide everything underground. As for near the runway, imaging a stadium like area centered at the runway, having a slope of 3~5 degrees, and 10km in radius, everything near the airfield should be limited inside this virtual stadium. This makes ground units extremely exposed.

I originally post it in General Discussion because it is pretty much an immature idea and not very much of a feature request right now. What is you all's thoughts?
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