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Suggestions on stuff

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So after playing for a bit here's just a short list of stuff that I would like to see improved upon.

1: When making a new game there should be a faction that already supports your ideals that you selected upon start up. The game asks you about the past and growth of your country, not the player, so it makes no sense to go into games where there's no a single faction or support for your views. IE being democracy/commence yet the factions are anything but those

2: Let the player pick who goes where into the council when starting a game with more than just the shadow council. There's plenty of times where they're in the wrong spots or would be better in a different position. It's annoying to have to fire them and rehire them

3: Make it impossible to get higher end economy techs through research without having completed basic techs first. I've had a LOT of games where my economy guy is telling me about highspeed rails or nuclear energy when he has never researched the basic techs of solar/power planet/sealed roads/storage. It's really annoying to play with tech 3 start when my guy refuses to learn those super basic techs that are vital to playing

4: Not have the minor powers being so aggressive to take over your land when they're farmers. Since the minors don't fight each other they dedicate all their power and effort to go against the player once your borders touch them which makes them annoying to deal with. Why do majors respect each others borders but with minors both of you are "peacefully" taking each others land from each other. Since minors have a huge amount of units compared to the player at the start they can easily take a bunch of your land while under the pretext of peace

5: Improve Jetpack units. Currently jetpack units don't serve a point since they have to be a solo unit with no transport yet they're a super late game tech. Yes they have more recon but they move really slow since they're on foot and can't wear good armor. By the time you get them all your units are going to be on motorized or mechanized which allows them to move like 20 hexs while the jetpack guys only move 3 and they just flat out suck

6: Walkers take too much investment for a mediocre unit. Not only do you need to research them but you also need to do a applied science research to make them not suck. Nix the applied science research and just have them already "optimized". Also not sure if it's a bug or not but I can't put a nuclear engine on my own walkers like the GR units

7: Take away some of the military techs and make them economy. Later in the game almost every single research is military while there's almost zero economy tech's which overloads your military guy with techs while the econ guy has nothing to do. Make stuff like the engines a econ tech since that makes more sense, maybe even the static shields. Also remove the linear techs from military and move them to the applied science guy as the military guy has way too much to do already without having to spend time on a tech that's linear

8: Make notice on the pick a new tech choice as to which tech is linear because unless you look up that tech you might pick one by accident with your econ or military guy and end up wasting time on something you can never finish
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