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Post by PyrrhicDefeat »

Found a holographic Freud artifact that is a leader feat that boosts a leader's willpower by 20. Who would this be good for? I know willpower is the basis for resist influence and improvisation. I'm thinking foreign affairs or covert ops director - any thoughts?
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RE: Willpower

Post by Twotribes »

Anyone ever have an answer for this? Does will power effect life length?
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RE: Willpower

Post by Malevolence »

I think Willpower helps distance a leader from their faction's influence.

Do you have a good leader? You want to mitigate the relation losses, while you smack their faction around? I think Willpower somewhat diminishes the impact of relation loss (or gain) with respect to other's regime profiles.

They are more independently minded.

I do not understand how leaders make delegated decisions. I do not know if Willpower also impacts those decisions.

This is related to a similar stratagem that demands the leader's obedience to you, +10 Willpower.

There is a kabuki dance that goes on around loyalty, relation, factions, regime profiles, etc. but the details are understood only by the game's engine and the outcomes seem preordained.
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RE: Willpower

Post by Sieppo »

I'm not at home but I thought about it playing yesterday, managed great without so far [:D]. A leader has a skill number in certain skills. It is based on character traits, that can be seen above. Like strength, charisma, intelligence and willpower etc. Now, if the leader needs to make a skill roll, he gets to add in the skill number, the trait number and possible bonuses, like the "Freud"-card.

So if a leader has a science skill of 40, intelligence skill of 23 and a helping bonus-android, he/she gets the end number (that can be seen to the right of skill at the end) of 40+23+10=73.

I'm sure it's in the manual, correct me if I'm wrong.
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RE: Willpower

Post by zgrssd »

Willpower is used for the skills:
- Resist Influence
- Improvisation
- 6th Sense
- Survival

Limiting the impact of Faction relations would make sense for this Stat, but I found no indication that it does or does not do that.

The Tooltip says you want to have it high on the SHQ commanders.
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