how big an engine?

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how big an engine?

Post by texashopkins »

Is there a way to see the engine requirements when designing a new model? Or do you always just need to take the biggest? I seem to get insufficient power in my designs if I don't just take the biggest.

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RE: how big an engine?

Post by willgamer »

I believe that's yet another puzzle to work out based upon the total weight of the model.

Perhaps someone else can comment on the exact formula...
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RE: how big an engine?

Post by LordAldrich »

All that matters is the total weight of the vehicle and the weight rating of the engine.

If the engine rating is higher, you can get up to a 30% movement bonus. If it's lower, you get movement penalities all the way up to "totally immobile, can only use strategic movement". The exact weight ratios to movement bonuses are in the rulebook.

Each part you pick lists it's weight, and the tooltip when you mouse over gives you a running total weight of the design so far.

Non-obvious things: the model chassis itself has weight, and the weight of the engine itself counts too.

Bigger engines have higher fuel costs to build the unit, but have better fuel efficiency when actually moving the unit.

Personally, I almost always use the biggest engine I can.

Edit: like everything in model design, there are random rolls involved. You order the size class of engine you want, but what you actually get is based on your model design director's Technician skill roll. So if your models always suck, it's probably not you (the player) it's probably your model design director.
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RE: how big an engine?

Post by zgrssd »

You can see the running weight total, in he tooltip when you hover over any part. Note that Units have their own weight.

However, the Engine Design roll also plays a large role. And if you are not using the Beta, fuel consumption is so high you will barely be able to afford light tanks with Level 1 or Level 2 engine.
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RE: how big an engine?

Post by Kamelpov »

Usually I go with bigger is better and spam synth oil production and food. Don't need to think I go with the biggest engine average or big howitzer gun the armor 20mm or the early heavy build bigger gun and engine and medium armor.
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