How to use archelogicl sites

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How to use archelogicl sites

Post by Twotribes »

The game talks about scavenging or searching such sites, I dont see any way to do it.
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RE: How to use archelogicl sites

Post by Soar_Slitherine »

You can get Archeology Effort strategems from the Economic Council to have a governor make a difficulty 100 Science roll to find one. Sometimes you also find them by random chance while scavenging a ruin hex. Some of the finds give an option to interact with them further after the initial event if you call the zone governor.
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RE: How to use archelogicl sites

Post by jking142 »

Speaking of arch sites, I found several over the course of this playthrough. There is a difficulty ratio for each, such as 1:600. For a site with 18000 scav points, that sounds like I should yield about 30 artifacts over the life of the recycler.

I am not getting even a fraction of that. This is true for all my sites, regardless of rarity rating.

What am I missing?

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RE: How to use archelogicl sites

Post by battlefield91 »

Even a rare site with 1:600 won´t get you an artifact every time. You only have a chance to get one. Most of the time you "only" get a maschine part or Hi-Tech Part.
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