Group formations and spacing.

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Group formations and spacing.

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This is not about platoon/company formations, but when more than one formations are in formation. e.g. 2 tank platoons or 2 companies of mech.

Currently, when you select two or more formations and order them to move somewhere, they 1) do not maintain formation. Usually, one outruns the other (tanks outrunning infantry,) and the outrunning group gets into trouble because they get isolated from the main group. 2) It is very tedious and difficult to reorganize formations that need to turn. As it is the units position themselves as they are selected and they maintain that position at their destination. Can there be a way to rotate or otherwise easily modify the formation at the destination so that group formation movements don't take as much micromanaging?
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RE: Group formations and spacing.

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We haven't arrived to that stage, but way-point/command rework might very likely include individual formation speed adjuster.

As for rotation, I am not really sure if I understood your question. There is rotation and defend command, and formation can be changed mid-way.
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