Cousin Vs Cousin AKA T-54/55 vs Leopard 1

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Cousin Vs Cousin AKA T-54/55 vs Leopard 1

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Has anyone managed to beat the Cousin VS Cousin scenario as West Germany? the Leopard 1s in your company are outnumbered, underprotected and funnelled down a tube-like map that makes it difficult to flank and disperse.

There is also not much open terrain to take advantage of the Leopard's 105mm gun. I've tried ambushing and using their superior speed to perform shoot and scoot/hit and run tactics, but it doesn't work very well.

Any advice? Thanks.
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RE: Cousin Vs Cousin AKA T-54/55 vs Leopard 1

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T-54/T-55 with their telescopic day sights cannot engage you beyond 2 kilometres, so that is more the less the distance you should keep once you perform recon and discover the route they are taking.

You should use terrain to screen from one threat direction, while observing in other limited directions will preserve the forces for longer. I use dismounts to occupy choke-points or locations where I want to fix enemy forces so Leopards can engage them, preferably from flanks or even rear. Don't be afraid to be aggressive, but keep in mind that cover than can be provided by ravines or forests.
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