Actual private economy

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Actual private economy

Post by Kamelpov »

I noticed the only building that give us private credit are the scavenger and the light industry 1 AI construct most others they don't give direct taxation income.
So the optimum way is to spam cities as AI is too dumb to actually develop a full economy (can't build for now heavy industries and more) in order to get the optimal income. They have only the basic set up industry and only quality of life for the rest of building.
As AI do autobuild the city farm,and factory I and a transport hub if needed and pay for it.
War AI is top notch can't really complain
but economic AI sometimes on player controlled land build farm but no road to connect so you need to manually link it yourself when private AI could have build that farm on existing road hex or adjacent to the city instead of building it far away somewhere in the zone.
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RE: Actual private economy

Post by Dampfnudel »

Spamming cities also increase "hidden economy"! up to 10k population. So you should spread out your early population into all corners.
Building as many cities as possible is indeed a viable strategy.

Big issue is that scavenger can not upgrade.
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RE: Actual private economy

Post by KingHalford »

This is definitely viable. In my current Seth game, I'm getting more colonists per turn than I can hope to manage. I'm glad I read this, I'll expand my cities even more :)
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