OT: Looking for quality WW2 pics for framing

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OT: Looking for quality WW2 pics for framing

Post by Moltrey »

Hey all:
Hope everyone is doing OK.

I was flipping through my AE manual the other night and stopped to admire the really nice black and white "action" photo on pg.217, Spotting Units, with the USN seaplane.

I did some searching online, but have yet to come up with a legit, high quality picture/print website or store that could provide such material, particularly in a bit larger photo formats.

Anyone lend a hand?
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RE: OT: Looking for quality WW2 pics for framing

Post by fcooke »

Getty Images likely has some pics - they are the largest repository of photos in the world - but they are expensive. The other angles you may want to pursue are museums that cover the topic. Imperial War Museum, National Air and Space, Duxford, etc.
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RE: OT: Looking for quality WW2 pics for framing

Post by Panjack »

The US National Archives has MANY photos, and other things too. For free. Most, however, are not high quality but some are.


Not a photo, but interesting: a short movie of US carrier damage by Japanese air strikes--https://catalog.archives.gov/id/4957645
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