The Allied Convoy for Malta

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The Allied Convoy for Malta

Post by thierry2015 »

i think size 5 * 20 = 100 supply stockpile
but only if there is an intact convoy line

currently my Italian submarines cannot do anything because there was no Allied convoy before 1944 !

can you plane about adding a convoy line for malta?
so I can reduce its suplly level and it will decrease its nuisance capacity

indeed in malta = no oil
no oil = no plane over Africa !

I do not wish to take malta but I wish to be able to attack its supply [:D]
(in addition to ships with 4 hexes and planes with 8 hexes)

--- air attack = yes with supply convoy interdiction [:)]
--- naval attack = yes with supply convoy interdiction [:)]
--- sub-marine attack = impossible since there is no convoy line [:(]

it is not fair that the allies can attack between sardinia and italy and that the axis cannot attack between gibraltar and malta [:(]


There were 35 large supply operations to Malta from JULY 1940 to JANUARY 1943 Operations White, Tiger, Halberd, MF5, MG1, Harpoon, Vigorous and Pedestal were turned back or suffered severe losses from Axis forces. There were long periods when no convoy runs were even attempted and only a trickle of supplies reached Malta by submarine or fast warship. The worst period for Malta was from December 1941 to October 1942, when Axis forces had air and naval supremacy in the central Mediterranean

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RE: The Allied Convoy for Malta

Post by AlvaroSousa »

Somethings are much harder to replicate in a game than they were in real life.

You are lucky I read Struggle for the Middle Sea which accurately showed what the Italian navy accomplished during the war. This is mimicked in the game. ~90% of supplies and men got through. Any air unit in Malta does about the same damage to Axis supplies.

If you want to stuff them bomb the airfield. That will reduce the strength and effectiveness of the interdiction without costing you much.

Changing the supply system for this would be really tough. The plan also stuffs their supply.

The only thing I could do is reduce Malta's port size which will make it easier to interdict supply there. I will have to do some research on it's naval base capacity.
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RE: The Allied Convoy for Malta

Post by thierry2015 »

I understand all your arguments and I will of course bomb the airfield [:)]

what bothers me is my Italian submarine which can do nothing while it is locked up in the mediterranean (unlike German submarines)

but rather than reduce Malta's port size why not do a convoy line Gibraltar - Malta?

you have already built a lot of convoy line elsewhere: it's difficult to achieve ?

I remember in the strategic command there was a convoy route between Gibraltar and Alexandria (via Malta) and the more my Italian submarines sinked ships the less there were reinforcements for UK in Egypt !

with Warplan it's more subtle and more realistic with the raider mode which destroys supply [:)]

but in the mediterranean if I don't have a convoy line I can not do it! [:(]
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