FITE2 1.9

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FITE2 1.9

Post by cachou »

I'm looking for an opponent for FITE2 (version 1.9), on 2 mirrored parts, one as Russian and the other as Axis.
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RE: FITE2 1.9

Post by loveman2 »

A huge game to play and takes years to finish I can play 1 side prefer Germans if interested email me
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RE: FITE2 1.9

Post by Hellen_slith »

Have you found an opponent? If not, consider taking on a role in our "Club Effort" ... a very casual game, whereby we have been passing the file around. I think we are around Soviet turn 14, not sure when it was abandoned, although I recall the Axis trying to drive on Kherson.

Anyway, I have been trying to revive this game, not sure if we can get a FitE2 group effort going here or not,
but it is a scene that might play interesting as a "group effort"

We should try to play this monster. Anyway, our "club effort" has stalled, so I am reaching out to you (and others) to see maybe if / how we can continue. I figure we need at least four dedicated folks to carry it to conclusion. AAR was

Perhaps, if everyone wants to start anew, we might be able to procedure where the moves go faster? Just a thought.

Have a great FitE day!

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