I found how to activate HUD sight from CMO-Tacview

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I found how to activate HUD sight from CMO-Tacview

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I also wrote this in original Tech-support from

But I share this in the main forum just in case if anyone wants to feel the HUD sight from 3D view.

I find how to do this. With the help from one of the Tacview devs, I found how to use HUD view from CMO-3D view. But I think this is kinda bug or unintended feature. There is a very small workaround window of enabling HUD view from 3D view window.

1) Load CMO save file or start CMO game.
2) Select any airplane or any unit first.
3) Open 3D view window. (Interesting thing is, selected unit from CMO window is not the same unit with the default selected unit in 3D view. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not)
4) If you see 3D view window opened, DO NOT CLICK OR TOUCH anything. Just press F5. If you click anywhere inside 3D view window then click F5, nothing will happen.

When 3D view window (or any other window) is just opened in CMO, it is not at the "front" and the color of the 3D view window name is grayed. People usually make 3D view window (or any other window) "front" by click the window. But don't do that if you want to see HUD mode. Just press F5 right after you see the 3D window opening, and don't matter if that window's name is grayed.

5) You could see the pseudo-HUD screen in 3D view window. Now, if you want to change to the different unit, you need to select the target unit NOT from CMO screen, but by ctrl+click the unit inside the 3D view window.

F5 in Tacview is a hotkey for HUD view, but F5 in CMO is a hotkey for magazine window. I think CMO overrides if there are any overlapping commands or hotkeys with Tacview. Even if you opened 3D view in CMO, if you press F5 when 3D view window is not in "front", magazine window will open. If you press F5 when 3D view window is in front, nothing happens.

As a result, that HUD sight in 3D view window in CMO is only possible with this tiny "workaround" method. Without click anything, just click F5 right after you see 3D view window appears on screen. I guess this is very narrow unintended shortcut for HUD mode in CMO 3D view.

I wish, some day, CMO enables more freedom and option for Tacview-inside-CMO with its dedicated hotkeys. For example, dedicated hotkey to switch HUD sight / normal view or satellite camera / free camera in 3D view window in CMO. I know CMO is strategy game. However, even if it is pseudo HUD, first person point of view in the middle of battle in strategy game is also cool feature and will increase immersion to this game. I remember, Homeworld Cataclysm had first person point of view for each unit, it was really cool.

Of course, it is just "looking good" feature so I don't think this should have top priority. I think there are more important things in CMO, and even CMO-Tacview has more important thing to solve = "Real-Time Telemetry Recording Complete" bug issue. But I just imagine, watching HUD sight of F-14 dogfight or Su-24 bombing from 3D view, in the SRTM-30 or mapview mode of CMO-Tacview. That would be amazing, and will surely increase immersion to the game, which, I think, is really important for some players.

Another good example of more freedom and option for Tacview-inside-CMO is replay option. Right now, there is no dedicated "replay" option in CMO (I heard that it is only possible in pro-version), but I think Tacview can help this... if CMO devs has a will to introduce and sync Tacview's replay option to CMO. If they want to leave the "save replay" option as pro-only feature then nothing we can do about it. But I just wish to comment, there is a way to achieve replay option. Though it might not that simple and easy, replay option might worth to invest in the future.

ps) Please fix the "Real-Time Telemetry Recording Complete" issue if possible. Some CMO players invested good amount of budget to Tacview for several reasons and we cannot even enjoy CMO-Tacview because of this bug... There is a great potential to enhance fun factor and cool factor of CMO in CMO-Tacview.
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