Gods Eye using AA strength view

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Gods Eye using AA strength view

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So, when I press Shift+O to see the anti air strength values I can indirectly see enemy units everywhere on the map, regardless of recon levels. I can for example use this to spot units at sea, or see where the enemy fort lines in Italy are, or just as cheap and dirty recon of general location of enemy forces etc. All without using a single aerial recon aircraft. Seems this function is a bit OP :P

Also, when I hover the mouse over an enemy unit in order to attack it, the pop up box shows the exact enemy estimated defensive CV, regardless of recon level.


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RE: Gods Eye using AA strength view

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Yes, I think that has been there for a long time. We did make a change a few versions back in how we counted flak in HQs, IIRC, and that had an impact. We've made a tweak so that flak in enemy HQs have their strengths greatly reduced to make them less like flashing lights telling you where the big HQs are. I don't know when we'll be putting out the next WitW patch, but when it goes out it will have that change.
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