Just watched BBC 1976 series "Sailor"

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Just watched BBC 1976 series "Sailor"

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"Sailor" is 1976 BBC Documentary series about HMS Ark Royal and her crews. Very nice and interesting series.

At the same time, I'm thinking of the fate of HMS Ark Royal in 'An eye for an eye' scenario in Northern Inferno DLC. Though I don't have DLC yet I read some AARs and watched YT vids of Northern Inferno, thinking of buying book too as a fan of cold war conflict. (Oh I just confused, the book is Northern Fury not Northern Inferno [:D] sorry for confusion) Those faces in the 1976 BBC 'Sailor' would have participated any similar "what if" scenario in 1975. And the fate of those brave, bright, and smart people would be ...

Anyway, anyone who play or will play Northern Inferno, try watch BBC 1976 "Sailor". Will give you a bit more immersion.

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