[Fixed] CMO : Nuclear Weapons Issue

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[Fixed] CMO : Nuclear Weapons Issue

Post by aked23 »

1. In Cold war db, Tsar bomba is launched via bombers. When I aim for ground mobile units and bomb hits, the ground unit is not killed. When I tested for other fixed targets like buildings, adjacent mobile units killed normally. I also found similar problem on current dbs.
I found another weird problem, that when a bomber drops Tsar bomba within dangerous range, it would be normal that bomber which dropped it must be killed because of blast. But bomber which dropped the bomb itself does not killed, but nearby planes on the same range from blast radius and altitude are killed.

[added] Tsar bomba should be delayed, as in real life, because there is no way to survive the blast by any dropping aircraft.

2. Nuclear weapons would be useful when they are BOL-capable, but sadly nuclear bombs cannot be BOL-launched.
3. Nuclear Missiles seem to be automatically lead the ground moving target and aim for its estimated location. But It doesn't work for Naval units. I think it would be convenient when missiles automatically lead and aim for careless enemy fleets on trip.
Can you make automatic aim also work for underwater units? like submarines, sosus, etc.

4. Nuclear weapons can kill submarines, but it seems not possible for torpedoes. I tested for missiles, then missile is killed normally.

5. When I aim nuclear missile for water region, it seems ignoring minimum range. and, when nuclear weapons aimed for water region and impacts ground region instead, it makes water shockwave and kills submarines. When aimed for ground and hits water then it does not make water shockwaves.

6. I don't know exactly but i guess minimum range for high alt detonation should be zero.

[added] Can I make one more request? Can you enable minefield clearing by nuclear detonations?
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RE: CMO : Nuclear Weapons Issue

Post by Grazyn »

IIRC old CMANO had an issue with bombers getting blasted by the nuclear blast regardless of altitude, which made sense for some early cold war b-47 suicide attack mission profiles but not so much for modern bombers. Maybe they fixed it by making the bomber immune to the blast, immunity that doesn't apply to other platforms.
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RE: CMO : Nuclear Weapons Issue

Post by Rory Noonan »

Logged for investigation.

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RE: [Fixed] CMO : Nuclear Weapons Issue

Post by SteveMcClaire »

Some of these issues are by design or feature requests, but I did identify and fix three bugs you mentioned:

- When targeting a mobile facility, one vehicle wasn't being hit by the nuclear blast, leaving the unit (barely) alive.

- Underwater weapons (torpedoes) weren't being destroyed by the underwater shock wave from a nuclear surface detonation.

- BOL weapons targeting water would ignore their land minimum range if they had no sea surface min/max range.

These fixes should be in the next update.
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