In what mod...

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RE: In what mod...

Post by durangokid »

3 - I feel I should say more as that is so abrupt!
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RE: In what mod...

Post by asl3d »

4, of course
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RE: In what mod...

Post by Zovs »

4, JSGME is your friend and makes it a breeze.
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RE: In what mod...

Post by Rebel Yell »

You're answering a thread necroed by a spammer.
The new forum is ugly as sin.
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RE: In what mod...

Post by rico21 »

For once spammers are good
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RE: In what mod...

Post by DownNOut »

A 2 for me
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RE: In what mod...

Post by Simulacra53 »

Between a 2 and 3.
Depends on the game and the quality of the mods.
Sometimes I tweak them myself, or tweak the mods.
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RE: In what mod...

Post by sullafelix »

4, but not for AARs.
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RE: In what mod...

Post by Gilmer »

ORIGINAL: rico21

I would like to know if you use the mods, maps, AAR, scenarios ... made by a community game.
2-A bit
3-So much
4-Every time

Heck yes, if it makes the map look better, see WITE, WITW, etc. !!And I'm going to try the mod for To End All Wars, I think and a few others.

Aww crap, this is some old thread, resurrected by a spammer.
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