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RE: Historical Map & ORBAT Mod

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RE: Historical Map & ORBAT Mod

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I really enjoy your mod but I seem to have a problem with air units attacking naval units at sea. I just reinstalled your mod to ensure I hadn't screwed something up. On the first turn I moved all the German navy, divided into a couple task forces plus the sub, towards the SE coast of England. One TF was interdicted, that seems fine. I then relocated the RAF to within range of the fleet, set them all on full support and naval attack. Cycled through axis turn to get to allied turn 2. Not a single air unit was able to attack the fleet.
1] The weather is clear in all hexes.
2] The counters show up on the map and I can left click and get recon report.
3] When I select an air unit the in range fleets don't light up in red and when I right click on fleet nothing. I don't get a Failed to Locate message.
4] The only surface fleets that may be targeted are those on a coastal hex.
5] Subs in open water are also untouchable by air units
6] The stock game seems to work fine.

Any idea what might be going on?
Thanks for your time and work developing this mod.
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