Bill Brown

This new stand alone release based on the legendary War in the Pacific from 2 by 3 Games adds significant improvements and changes to enhance game play, improve realism, and increase historical accuracy. With dozens of new features, new art, and engine improvements, War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition brings you the most realistic and immersive WWII Pacific Theater wargame ever!

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by PaxMondo »

Fair Winds brother ...
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Fishbed »

Rest in Peace Bill :(
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by warspite1 »

RIP fellow wargamer [:(]
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Trugrit »

Very sad.

I did not know him well but I was told he was a good guy and a fierce competitor.

We are all brothers. We share a common passion for history and the game.
It has been said that brothers and sisters seldom grow up in the same family.

I think that is true.

Rest in Peace brother.

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Canoerebel »

This is terribly sad news that caught me by surprise last night.

Bill was a soft-spoken guy who often did little kindnesses for players. Just a small for instance: A few years ago, John III ran into a bug running the next turn in our game. He couldn't figure it out. Bill offered to take the turn, load it and the mod and all the adjustments on his computer, and figure things out. Since neither John nor I are computer guys, we took him up on it. He figured it out, as the cost of much more time than he let on, and soon had us back in the game.

He was always doing little things like that. He was always kind. Always had good things to say.

I'd only recently noticed that he was taking on the mantle of PBEM. (If he had much earlier, I wasn't aware of it.) I was glad to see him coming more fully into the community.

Bill Brown was a gentlemen and one of the community who made it was it is - a place of good men.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Scott_USN »

I didn't interact with him much but I did read his post and learned a lot. RIP
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by fabertong »

I started a PBEM with Bill just before Christmas last year.

I can't in any way say I knew him.....but in every interaction we had in the last three months I found him a genuine human being.

My thoughts go out to his Family and friends...….a very sad loss.

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by dr.hal »

Very sad indeed, thanks for sharing and letting the Forum members know.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Barb »

Sorry to hear the news. [:(]
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Kitakami »

Sad to read this. Best wishes for his family.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by USSAmerica »

Fair winds and following seas to a true forum gentleman and brother.

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by jeffk3510 »

RIP Bill - I sure enjoyed my time with you.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by traskott »

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by CaptBeefheart »

Very sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Evoken »

My condolonces to his family , may he rest in peace
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by BBfanboy »

That news was a shock- he was always so clear-minded in his posts that I assumed he was much younger or healthier. We will certainly miss him!
RIP Bill ....

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by NigelKentarus »

Fair Winds and Following Seas Shipmate.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by SuluSea »

Sorry to read of Bill's passing. Prayers to his friends and fami!y.
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RE: Bill Brown

Post by AdmNelson »

To all-- Sorry it took me so long to give my respects on the forum to Bill. Bill and I had a game BTS that went to March 1944 till I had to drop because of real life issues a little over a year ago. We were planning on play testing the new mod of BTS of John's. Even after a year of not hearing from me, he jump on it. Bill was always nice in all his comments on our game and helped a lot with computer issues that would come up. Sometimes you meet people that you never see or talk to you in person that has a great impact on your life for the positive. Bill was that person. Bill rest in peace. I/we will miss you.

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RE: Bill Brown

Post by Ian R »

Yes. RIP Bill Brown.
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