Version 1.01.11218 is out

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Version 1.01.11218 is out

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Command: Modern Operations has been updated to version 1.01.11218

This update is in preparation for the tomorrow release of Command LIVE Broken Shield 300 and it adds numerous free improvements

Get the update from here

v1.01.11218 Changelog
• Added licensing support for Command-LIVE #11 (Broken Shield 300)* FIXED: Aircraft deserialization issue can cause aircraft to disappear from scenario
• Fixed: Popup messages not always pausing game* Remember last location of separate log window
• Cater for secondary window size if not in INI secondary window settings* Fixed: silent exception error if plane has no loadout and assigns one in AirOps
• UI Tweak: #13592: Show the trigger type when no specific conditions set
• Fixed: Lua sandbox can get changed
• UI Tweak: Disable 'Choose side' button once pressed
• FIXED: Hotkey "|"" missing
• UI Tweak: Redisplay unit panel on scenario reload
• Added back "AI enabled" property to unit wrapper
• Fixed: #13509: Mission Change Crashes Game
• Fixed: #13569: Message log in separate window not holding when game restarted.
• Fixed: #13577: Platform Viewer Window - Remember Size
• Numerous sim-core performance & memory tweaks
• Includes v482 of DB3000 database.

Database additions/changes:
• Added Divine Eagle (China) UAV (Recce version).
• Added CVN 81 Doris Miller (Hypothetical 2030).
• Added Zambia L-15B 2021.
• Added China Z-20F- ASW version.
• Added Mk48 Mod 5 ADCAP to Taiwan’s Hai Lung class.
• Added M1117 / ASV-150 Guardian for U.S. and Greece.
• Added “Generic Eyeball with Binoculars” sensor.
• Added Mantilla-class patrol (Argentine Coast Guard) & AS.365 helicopter.
• Added JATM & AN/APG-82 to F-15CX, F-15EX.
• Added INS Navigation Guidance to AAM-5 INS.
• Fixed Sayyad-2 facility & missile info.
• Fixed F-15N-PHX to be carrier capable.
• Fixed Heroj class submarines stats (crew, tubes, depth, length, displacement).
• Fixed Type 093B Shang-class SSN - Yu-11 torpedo replaced with Yu-10.
• Added USMC F-35C.
• Fixed 60-ton tugboat with 55 tons of fuel, 55,000kg changed to 10,000kg.
• Added Link 16 JTIDS & Helmet Mounted Sight to F-15J & F-15DJ acft.
• Changed China’s DF-100 from ballistic to cruise missile.
• Fixed RKF-16C, South Korea, Recon version.
• Changed AGM-158C Ranges - Standard set to 350nm, ER set to 500nm.
• LOAL & INS guidance added to Python-5, AIM-200A, RB-98, AIM132A, AA-11.
• L5 mod 3 torpedo valid for ASuw & ASW not just ASW.
• Added IRBM conventional prompt strike (IR-PCS) for new units.
• SSGN 727 Michigan (Ohio/Tennessee Class).
• SSN 795 Hyman G. Rickover (Virginia Class).
• Added Iranian Fateh-313 Missiles & facility.
• Added new submarines (years) and torpedo, Harpoon loadout changes.
• S. Korea 072 Son Won-Il (White Shark, UGM-84D 2008).
• S. Korea 072 Son Won-Il (White Shark, UGM-84L 2015).
• S. Korea 072 Son Won-Il (Tiger Shark, UGM-84L 2020).
• S. Korea 061 Chang Bogo (White Shark, SU-Mod 2, UGM-84L 2004).
• Added Zargana torpedo countermeasure system: deceptor, jammer & torpedo countermeasure to
S 353 Preveze [Type 209-1400, Preveze/Gür Class] 2020.
• Fixed Israeli Stunner/David's Sling SAM system to be able to intercept TBMs.
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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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RE: Version 1.01.11218 is out

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Will we see this on Steam soon?
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