[Workaround In Place] cmo update error msg

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[Workaround In Place] cmo update error msg

Post by scott1393 »

just installed cmo with windows 10 checked for updates get this every time.


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RE: cmo update error msg

Post by ultradave »

There was a big discussion about this just recently. I and a number of others get this message. Have tried everything suggested to remedy it with no joy.

So, I download from the link either when provided in the forum if it's an interim fix, or from the forum link or Matrix web site if it's a full installer version update. I've given up with the Matrix updater. The issue isn't confined to CMO for me. It's every Matrix game.
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RE: cmo update error msg

Post by JosephM »

Hello Guys,

I'm sorry you are having problems with this. If you are having the issue with the Check for Updates button, then usually this is either due to the update.exe file not being allowed through the firewall, or anti-virus/anti-malware software interfering with this, so have you enabled this file through the firewall and tried temporarily disabling your AV software while trying to download this?

Alternatively, you can download games and patches manually from the Member's Area provided they are registered to the account. Please see the forum post below which explains how to do this:

Then finally note that since the new site has been live you can download patches, and setup installers if you have registered the game to the account, for the games from the game's product page, which for CMO is below:
https://www.matrixgames.com/game/comman ... operations
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