Armored Trains for Eastern Front?

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Armored Trains for Eastern Front?

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Armored Trains was widely used in WWI; in game they are also buildable units, and can receive research bonus.

But after checked the editor, as far as I know, the presence of Armored Trains in game are fairly limited. For instance, I don't think any of the major powers have armored trains in their production queue or have scripts for giving them armored trains. The names for armored trains is just only 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

But IRL, at least for Imperial Russia, they invested heavily on armored trains. Before they quit the war in 1917, 15 armored trains were built, among which 10 for Eastern Front, 4 for Caucasian Front. They even designed a special class armored train, named "Hunghutz," and built four of them, all of which was used in the battles with A-H, even participated in Brusilov Offensive.
Russia's opponent, A-H, also built at least four armored trains, with two of them captured by Russians during the Siege of Przemyśl and one of them being destroyed by the Italians in the Alps front.
Some sources also recall that the BEF used an armored train during the Battle of the Somme.
The Bolsheviks were also famous for their love of armored trains during civil war.

We did have armored trains for Russians in two previous SC title WWII games, even the armored trains at that time is already out of place in the warfare. So, would it be nice if we have them in the WWI campaigns, at least for Russians and A-H?

Some wikipedia sources on Imperial Russian armored trains:Б&# ... 091;з» (the "Hunghutz" or "Khunkhuz" Class, name after the famous Chinese bandits "Honghuzi")Б&# ... 086;в» (named after Mikhail Annenkov, the builder of Transcaspian Railway)
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