Version v1.01.11216 Update

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Version v1.01.11216 Update

Post by Daniele »

CMO has been updated to version v1.01.11216!

Get the update from here

Command v1.01 (Build 1121.6) Release Notes (changes from B1115.8)

• Major new feature: Fog of war (FOW) for Tacview 3D view. When God's Eye view is disabled, the Tacview window will now display only own- and friendly-side units plus any detected contacts. Displayed contact shapes start from generic semi-opaque placeholders and then switch to more specific (and solid) shapes when/if they are sufficiently classified/identified. If God's Eye is active, all units are shown as before.
• (Known current issue: Switching side or toggling God's Eye status forces the Tacview window to close and re-open)
• Improved speed of loading map tiles for each layer (this addresses the "slow map refresh" issue)
• New game option: Configurable volume for music & sound effects (Game --> Game Options --> Sound)
• Added 1-15 sec time acceleration option
• Mission Editor window enhancement: Clicking on the assigned & unassigned units selects them and centres the map on them. This makes it easier to check the general status of a mission ("Where are right now the forces I've tasked for this job? Where are the units that I might be interested to add to this task if they are close enough?") without having to jump to the ORBAT window.
• Tacview: Force terrain mode to "full 3D" (ie. incl. underwater)
• Added more tweaks to Tacview appearance (hide flight & lift vector, height bars & labels)
• Map tweak: Show the flight plans of airborne flights
• Numerous sim-core performance tweaks
• The main map window now always starts in windowed mode (even if it was last used in full-screen)
• Replaced colour "Red" with "Indian Red" in various forms to stand out more clearly against dark background (example:
• Map tweak: Made the "Selected: [....]" text font slightly smaller
• UI tweak: Include the DB version name in the "You have (explicitly or implicitly) attempted to load a database that does not exist on the DB folder" message
• ADDED: #13415: Make the location details available through Lua
• The Land-cover, Relief-SRTM3 and BMNGv2/Relief-90 map layers now all use webp-format tiles (faster download and less disk space used).
• Mission AI tweak: For non-specific mission types, the default "start looking for tankers" fuel threshold has been changed from 60% to 30%. This helps alleviate cases where aircraft nearing their strike targets abruptly turn back and start looking for a suitable tanker to refuel.
• Major rework on ABM engagement logics, addresses various issues related to ABM guidance.
• Numerous sim-core performance tweaks
• Added a Min/max option to DB-Viewer window
• ADDED: #13479: Lua Script Font Size Change - Event Action Lua script screen
• Most secondary windows are now shown on Windows taskbar when open. This helps to find them if they are accidentally obscured by the main map window.
• UI tweak: When the LOS-Tool is recalculating LOS coverage, it leaves at least one thread available for UI & sim-core processes. This results in a more responsive UI while the LOS calculations are underway.

• All sound effects have their default volume altered to match the soundtrack.
• Includes new Tacview 3D models for the J-35 Draken, JA-37 Viggen & JAS-39 Gripen, F-105 Thunderchief, A-29 Super Tucano, Wildcat, MQ-8 Fire Scout, MQ-4 Global Hawk, SS-N-26 ASCM, Spruance & OH Perry classes and their variants, Virginia-class SSN, Vanguard-class SSBN, DDH280 Iroquois-class, City/Town/Village Marker, Puma, Merlin & Sea King helicopters, Trafalgar, Astute, Borei & Yasen submarines.
• Includes updated versions of the remastered standalone scenarios: Added gameplay notes for scenarios that have special features, fixed scripts not firing in "Green Tide", fixed dev prompts appearing on first run of "North Pacific Shootout", fixed SAR action in "Brother Against Brother".
• Includes updated versions of the "Surface Warfare Tutorial" series by Paul Bridge.
• Includes DB-updated versions of the "Northern Inferno", "Chains Of War", "Shifting Sands" and Command-LIVE DLC scenarios, all rebuilt by Todd Bergquist (AttorneyAtWar).
• Includes updated database images and descriptions files by CV60, kgambit and apd1004. The updated images are not included in the pack, but are available for automatic download on the remote server (thus, to get updated images you must first delete your local cache at [CMO]\DB\Images\).

• Tweaks for fuel-discrepancy between airgroup lead & wingmen due to formation keeping (NOTE: To a large extent this is a RL phenomenon and unavoidable, however we also tweaked behaviours during group form-up and loiter and relaxed the formation precision threshold so that wingmen spend less time chasing their station)
• FIXED: Overly aggressive air intercept mission
• FIXED: When bypassing a waypoint, units were not applying the speed/alt/doctrine commands of that waypoint
• FIXED: ORBAT window takes a long time to show up in multi-thousand AU scenario
• FIXED: Fuel quantity text (on top of fuel progress bar) is difficult to read when fuel quantity gets low
• FIXED: Exception in "Edit Action" window when creating new "teleport in area" action if no units are pre-selected
• FIXED: Lua - some device wrappers not showing in public version
• FIXED: Some number keypad hotkey values missing
• FIXED: Ballistic missiles not assigning their MIRVs correctly
• FIXED: HoverInfo options not showing up
• FIXED: #13345: Escorts returning from a strike do not land together with the main group, but only when they are bingo
• FIXED: When gathering around group lead, wingmen AC were heading for the deck instead of the lead altitude
• FIXED: Casting error when displaying error message during startup
• FIXED: Airgroup wingmen not always following's lead's desired altitude
• FIXED: Error during writing-out of the message log can leave the scenario graph in a dirty state
• Fix for altitude issues with strike mission (Caused other issues)
• FIXED: Units usually not evaluating targets (and thus not auto-engaging contacts)
• FIXED: Airgroup wingmen not following lead's desired altitude during overwater flight
• FIXED: Hang on startup in high-DPI systems
• FIXED: Unit Doctrine panel text alignment
• FIXED: #13354: Helicopters descend instantaneously
• Fixed issues with pathfinder for mobile ground units
• FIXED: #13353: Strike flight with escorts aborts and RTBs after mid-air refuelling
• FIXED: Personal map profile not loading.
• FIXED: Game Options throwing an (invisible) exception on launch.
• FIXED: Compressed DLZ envelope at frontal shots due to over-conservative outer-range value (see here for details: ... 6841507766)
• FIXED: On strike egress leg, wingmen were not sticking to their formation station (pulling ahead or behind)
• FIXED: Layout glitches in "Tanker Planner" window
• FIXED: Wire-guided torpedoes attempting to retarget while still having a plotted course
• FIXED: Weapon "Attempt retargeting: XXX" indicator drawn in wrong vertical offset from icon
• FIXED: #13461: SetScore function weirdness
• FIXED: #13417: Cannot resize Sensors window
• FIXED: #13395: Z-tearing rendering artifact (aka circular "shimmering" on map at high zoom)
• FIXED: Wingman altitudes not matching group lead altitudes at various parts of flight plan strike mission
• FIXED: #13412: Game closes unexpectedly on user scen
• FIXED: Unit/contact status column not correctly positioning itself to the right edge on startup
• FIXED: #13480: "Unit is Damaged" Trigger goes off multiple times for the same unit
• FIXED: Airgroup wingman not adjusting altitude to match lead in overwater flight plan
• FIXED: Cross-threading error in Mission Editor window (refresh caused by sim event) causes red-X
• FIXED: BOL-fired ASROC rocket never releases its torpedo
• FIXED: #13470: Max Speed for Ground Based Interceptors 10kts
• FIXED: Raw-text mode message log window was stealing focus from main map window every time it was refreshed, and was not properly forwarding hotkey presses. (If you notice the same issue in any other window, please do alert us).
• FIXED: Pathfinding legs of a plotted course were drawn as both dashed and solid line
• FIXED: Aircraft on air-intercept mission may RTB if their current primary target is not relevant to mission (while other secondary targets still are relevant)
• FIXED: #13469: Lag when opening ME window
• FIXED: "Unit Damaged" trigger may fire twice when unit destroyed
• FIXED: Contact course & speed displayed on datablock and rotated icon even when they are not known
• FIXED: Cross-threading error in Mission Editor window (refresh caused by sim event) causes red-X
• FIXED: BOL-fired ASROC rocket never releases its torpedo
• FIXED: #13470: Max Speed for Ground Based Interceptors 10kts
• Additional fix for strike mission altitudes
• FIXED: #13417: Cannot resize Sensors window
• Fix for wingman altitudes on strike missions
• FIXED: #13412: Game closes unexpectedly on user scen
• FIXED: #13348: Event probability not able to be set through event editor
• FIXED: #13499: Repeatable-Loop for Patrol Missions not saved
• FIXED: #13179: "Add Unit" window: Add sub-type filter
• FIXED: #13308: Bug: When you try to search in the OOB window typing in the search box, pressing 'O' key closes the window
• FIXED: #13327: Adding and removing magazines does not auto-refresh the magazines window
• FIXED: #13418: Unit status window no-refresh issue
• FIXED: #13382: Refueling queue ain't not never don't show nothing
• FIXED: #13378: Sub tube reloading (erroneously appears to be) instant
• FIXED: #13493: Aircraft loadout weapons not displayed on "Weapons" window
• FIXED: Certain ABMs were not auto-engaging RVs (they considered them as atmospheric supersonic targets instead of ballistic)
• FIXED: #13407: [None] on [None] in sensor detections field
• FIXED: #13436: Unable to change WCS: Land
• FIXED: #13423: CMO & CMANO "Add Sensor" window arcs bug
• FIXED: #13416: "Jump to Location" going to 0-0
• FIXED: #13442: DB viewer not snapping to selected unit in unit list
• FIXED: #13144: "Load cargo" button on Docking Ops form is not wide enough
• FIXED: #13302: Aircraft Dialog window doesn't update to new selected unit
• FIXED: #13401: "Nothing" in Message Log
• FIXED: #13548: Notification - missing summary label
• FIXED: #13422: In "Air Ops" window, cannot resize the "Status" or "Time to Ready" columns
• FIXED: #13518: Not being able to delete sensors properly
• FIXED: #13547: Cannot Select Multiple Units In Event Editor (Teleport action)
• FIXED: #13543: Ships in ports have problem (ScenEdit-only buttons on Docking Ops window also visible on normal play)
• FIXED: Problem in "Bersama Lima" scenario (
• FIXED: Helo pickup issue in "Raid on Kismayo" scenario.
• FIXED: Freeze during dynamic fuel re-calc of dual-capable (AAW/ASuW) guided weapon
• FIXED: Blocking exception during scenario load on European-locale systems
• FIXED: Lag on "Load Scenario" window when expanding a folder with lots of scenarios
• FIXED: #13592: Event Editor UI gives incorrect description of existing triggers
• FIXED: #13585: BUG - Message Log - RAW text View - Filter does not work
• FIXED: #13489: Disabled comboboxes are displayed exactly as enabled comboboxes
• FIXED: Error in calculating corner velocity for aircraft turns
• FIXED: #13554: Crash on clicking through waypoint speed/alt options
• FIXED: Out-of-memory errors when saving/autosaving very large scenarios
• FIXED: #13593: Unable to update scenario in workshop
• FIXED: Waypoint doctrine / speed alt not being set when skipping waypoints
• FIXED: Unable to delete RP using hotkey
• FIXED: Lua - some device wrappers not showing in public version

Includes the new v481 update for the DB3000 database:

• Added Israel Rampage ALBMs.
• Added XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition.
• Added M1156 Precision Guidance Kit.
• Fixed: SM-3 cannot get to max altitude.
• Added Bavar-373 SAM, Iran.
• Added Low Altitude Guard II (Mobile 30KW laser).
• Changed USN/NorthropGrumman 150KW shipborne laser mount (150kw from 60kw).
• Added Kh-65 tactical/theater ALCM created & added to Russian Su-34s (2012, 2015).
• Added Perdix drone to F/A-18 loadouts (2019+).
• Added Hypothetical SM-62A Snark added to DB3K.
• Modified - Ohio SSBN’s 4 Trident D5 VLS tubes deactivated 2020+.
• Fixed Norwegian ships cargo capability added.
• Added Indian-Israeli Hind upgrade, night fighting and RWR.
• Added UK Astute class DDS-SDV with 10x Limpet mine rack mount.
• Fixed AIM-9C SARH missile for use with aircraft in DB3K.
• Fixed BGM-71 TOW series launch altitude.
• Added New DF-100 cruise missile & TEL.
• Added SU-30MKI new loadouts.
• Added NK Hwasong-15 ICBM.
• Modified B-52H non-nuclear variant (2018).
• Fixed RANs Hobart DDG's have SM-2 Block IIIB.
• Ohio Class SSBN updates: o W76-1 warheads prior to 2020.
• W76-2 & W88 warheads 2020+.
• SORT (New START): VLS tubes reduced by 4 (24 to 20).
•Added Egyptian MiG-29M2 R-77 / Kh-38 / T-220 loadouts.
• Added China’s J-11BG, equipped with the J-16's multirole AESA.
• Added B-52H LRASM Loadout 2020+.
• CA 134 Des Moines copied & mods verified from CWDB to DB3K.
• Fixed Polish Lublin Class 1990 made capable of using cargo.
• Fixed TSARH weapons added to TAKR Admiral Kuznetsov magazines.
• Added Mexico AAA (12.7mm/50 Quad M55 x Towed).
• Fixed All Australian Perry Frigates end of service set to 2019.
• Added Wing Loong II ELINT variant to DB3K.
• Fixed CALCM loadout removed from B-52H’s after 2019.
• Added JSOW, JSOW-1 loadouts to F-35A after 2019.
• Modified USS Jimmy Carter stats: length +30m, displacemnet +2500t, sonar visibiltiy +.
• Added New APR-3M torpedo 2019 DB3K.
• Fixed Single-Unit Airfield (# 1593, 1401-2000M indicates large aircraft. Should be very large.
• Fixed EV-22E Opsrey role changed to AEW from ASW.
• Added EO-sensor TDR-10 & TDR-10A upgrade on HN main ships.
• Added Karrar UCAV variants - armed and recon.
• Added Gabriel V ASCM. New weapon installed on ships: Eilat Saar 72.
• Added Russian 2S6M1 Tunguska-M1 [8x SA-19 + 4x 30mm AAA] guns to DB3K.
• Added China JH-7AII with upgraded 3rd gen LLTV, JL-10A+ Radar.
• Added Atmaca ASCM created and added to Turkish F 511 Heybeliada [Ada Class].
• Added B53 9mT bomb loadouts for B-52G, B-52H through 1997.
• Gabriel V installed on Finland’s 80 Hamina [Rauma 2].
• Added China’s second carrier, “Shandong”, sister ship to the “Liaoning”, carries a few more aircraft.
• Launch depth for SS-N-3 & SS-N-12 changed to 0 from -50.
• Added Sukhoi S-70 UCAV with AA and AS (navel & land) loadouts.
• Added MQ-9B Guardian MPA to Greek acft.
• Added Hypothetical “Sea” Apache to DB3K.
• Fixed Missile name updates - SS-N-15 & SS-N-16.
• Udated Soviet radars frequencies “Top Sail” & “Top Pair”.
• Added New COMINT/DF System to 2019 Moskva, Ustinov & Varyag.
• Fixed MR-310 Angara Krivak/Kashin 3D radar, not 2D.
• Added Hangars to Krivaks.
• Modified B-1B Pylon Loadouts (Hypothetical 24+16) for JASSM, LRASM, GBU-31.
• Added hypothetical DARPA TERN UCAV with Hellfire & JAGM weapon loadouts.
• Added AN/ZPY-8 radar to MQ-8C firescout.
• Modified Alfa Max depth changed from -400m to -700m.
• Modified Norway Naval Strike Missile to attack land targets.
• Added unit IM-SHORAD Stryker.
• Added JATM loadout to 2028 F-35C.
• Modified Factory Trawler fuel load 12t to 27t.
• Added HYDRA APKWS AAW loadout to
• AV-8B USMC (2016).
• F-16CM Blk 52 USAF (2016, 2018).
• F/A-18A+ USMC (2018, 2020).
• F/A-18C+ USMC (2019, 2020).
• F/A-18D USMC (2018, 2020).
• Changed SV-22D Osprey loadout from AGM-84G to AGM-84N.
• Added Olymp-K / Luch SIGINT satellite.
• Added new “Submerged Transient” contact as an unknown/false contact.
• Added ALE-70(V)/T-1687 F-35 Towed Drone to U.S. F-35 acft.
• Fixed SU-57 Felon missing the Fly-by-Wire property.
• Updated Indian Mig-27 Retire date to 2019.
• Updated French Reaper with GBU-12 loadout.
• Updated Russia Nanuchka III 2019, 16x SS-N-25 vs 6x SS-N-9, 76mm gun upgrade.
• Updated Baseline JDAM GBU31/32/28 range & CEP detail.
• Added hypothetical Canadian FFH type 26.
• Adjusted Type 903A fuel burn rate to realistic levels.
• Added Combatant Craft Assault (CCA) (USN SOF).
• Added Taiwan F-16V to DB3K.
• Added Armenia to DB3K and given Tor-M2KM facility.
• Added KG700 ECM pod and assigned as replacement to “Generic ECM pods” on J-11 aircraft.
• Replaced KG800 ECM pod “Generic ECM pod” on JH-7A & H-6J aircraft.
• Fixed SS-21b Scarab "Burnout from 10100 kg to 1010 kg.
• Added ajm-802 PESA radar (Iran) & facility.
• Added Iranian Talash SAM (Sayyad 2) SAM & TEL.
• Changed F-16CG AIM-120 loadouts – frm AIM-120C-5 to AIM-120C.
• Added Hafez mobile radar (Iran) and paired with MIM-23B I-Hawk.
• Added JYL-1 radar mobile variant.
• Upgraded Indonesian Sigma's exocet to block III from block II.
• Fixed Romeo class SS max depth changed to -270m from -170m.
• Added 7.62mm GPMG to Canadian CH-148 Cyclone.
• Added F-15N-PHX (Hypothetical).
• Added GBU-39 SDB #484 loadout for F-15K.
• Added USN RQ-15 Neptune UAV to DB3K.
• Added RIM-174 SM-6 (ERAM) to DDG-53 John Paul Jones (Arleigh Burke Class).
• Added F-35C 2x HAWC for F-35C’s 2021+.
• Changed bombsights to Advanced Navigation (INS/GPS) for F-22's GBU-39 SDB & JDAM loadouts.
• Added X-47B UAV & UCAV (Hypothetical).
• Added DIRCM to Airbus A.330-200 MRTT.
• Added German A-400 Grizzly with DIRCM.
• Added Derby & Python loadouts for F-5EM.
• LOAL added to AIM-9X, Python5, AAM-5.
• AIM-9X Blk III added to DB3K.
• Updated name for first Type 55 missile destroyer 101 Nanchang.
• Twin change to quad for 16 total YJ-12’s on Type 051B Luhai.
• Russian UAV Size Corrections.
• Added aerial, ship and sub targets.
• Fixed JY-29 radar mobile vehicle and not a building.
• Added Russian AN-12RR.
• Added feature MiG-29K/KUB buddy refueling.
• Added "Fly-by-Wire" to SU-27/J-11, SU-33/J-15.
• Added Bulgarian MiG-25RBT.
• Added J-11B, J-11D KG-600 DECM Pods for AA loadouts.
• Added J-16 KG-600 DECM Pods.
• Added "Fly-by-Wire" to Su-30/J-16/Su-35.
• Added F-16B training model.
• Added PLAAF J-16's.
• Added Yu-11 torpedo & surface, sub and air platforms for it.
• Added F-16C for Air National Guard with APG-83, 2020 update.
• Re-designated China’ YLC-6M radar as mobile unit instead of a building to add Mk1 Eye.
• Changed DDH 978 Wang Geon KDX-2Mod K-VLS - 2012,14 8 Cells to 24 Hyunmoo-3 removed 2012.
• Changed name RQ-4B to RQ-4D.
• Added China Gaofen 10R satellite.
• Added China ZHUHAI-1 03A thru ZHUHAI-1 03E satellites.
• Added U.S. X-37B (OTV 1-5) satellites.
• Added China ZY-1 02D Imgsat.
• Added U.S. BlackSky Global 4 satellite.
• Added French BRO-1 satellite.
• Added Russian COSMOS 2535, 2536, 2537, 2538 satellites.
• Added Canadian RADARSAT - RCM
• Added India RISAT 1, 2, 3 satellites.
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RE: Version v1.01.11216 Update

Post by BrianinMinnie »

Amazing, Thanks all!
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RE: Version v1.01.11216 Update

Post by goldfinger35 »

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RE: Version v1.01.11216 Update

Post by BogdanM »

The update is not available for download yet? I can't start the update on Steam, it says "Content file locked".

EDIT: After I restarted my pc I managed to download the update. The new fog of war feature work perfectly! Thanks a lot!
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RE: Version v1.01.11216 Update

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RE: Version Update

Post by 14yellow14 »

Thanks!! :)
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RE: Version Update

Post by Dragnaath »

As always. Thank You
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RE: Version Update

Post by ProdigyofMilitaryPride »

Something's wrong - It says "Setup has detected you do not have Command: Modern Operations installed". When it clearly is. Unless Steam's auto-update is what does the trick?
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RE: Version Update

Post by Marder »

This changelog is unbelievable. Thank you for making dreams come true.
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RE: Version Update

Post by Lowlaner2012 »

Thanks, good update...

My subs still revert to cruise speed when a new course is plotted...
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RE: Version Update

Post by FTBSS »

Great Update I got this one to work:).

Only 2 personal issues Spy 6 radar was not updated and the new block 3 9x sidewinder not installed on enough 2020+ fighters.

But great job this sim is epic I want to thank you guys for all the hard work you do. seriously the FOW with tacview change alone is incredible.
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RE: Version Update

Post by Scar79 »

Excellent update but didn't get this...
Added Kh-65 tactical/theater ALCM created & added to Russian Su-34s (2012, 2015).
Why did you decide to add it?! It never been in production and in service. [&:]
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RE: Version Update

Post by Eggstor »

ORIGINAL: ProdigyofMilitaryPride

Something's wrong - It says "Setup has detected you do not have Command: Modern Operations installed". When it clearly is. Unless Steam's auto-update is what does the trick?
Steam users need to use the Steam auto-updater for these official updates. It should have already downloaded and installed for you.

The unofficial "public betas" Dimitris puts up in between the official updates, on the other hand, work just fine when unzipped into the Steam install folder.
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RE: Version Update

Post by Dimitris »

Excellent update but didn't get this...
Added Kh-65 tactical/theater ALCM created & added to Russian Su-34s (2012, 2015).
Why did you decide to add it?! It never been in production and in service. [&:]

IIRC the designation was re-used for the Kh-50 tactical cruise missile, which has supposedly entered LRIP.

If you have updated / more precise information please share it on the DB3K thread. Thanks!
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RE: Version Update

Post by Primarchx »

Great update. Love the new and updated platforms. Appreciate the work!
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RE: Version Update

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RE: Version Update

Post by BDukes »

Thank you for game and database updates. Coolz[:)]
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RE: Version Update

Post by Scorpion86 »

Thanks, guys! You guys are tireless! Quick question: besides the new DB, does 1121.6 have any other content or bugfixes in addition to what was in 1121.5 or is it just to denote an official release?
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RE: Version Update

Post by AlabamaExile »

Thanks for the update! A lot of work obviously went into it.

Question: is there a way to turn off "Map tweak: Show the flight plans of airborne flights"? I find all the flight paths disorienting when a lot of planes are airborne and would prefer for the map only to show the flight path of the selected unit. There is an option in the map settings under game options, but it does not seem to remove the flight path of an airborne flight from the map.
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RE: Version v1.01.11216 Update

Post by rmwilsonjr »

As always, a magnificent feat. Thanks.
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