Soviet Army HQ placements - where's best?

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Soviet Army HQ placements - where's best?

Post by RedJohn »

So for those of us participating in the beta, and playing as the Soviets, I'm sure we've all experienced the joy of having 18 Army HQs shatter in a turn and reforming at the Ural mountains- requiring 2 full turns of rail transport before they can provide support again. (And also losing a lot of SUs because of this shatter)

It's a massive problem for a number of reasons, but I was hoping some fine fellows could help enlighten me as to how to minimize the chances of it happening. As far as I can tell, there IS no way of both providing maximum support to all units in an army whilst simultaneously having it deep enough to protect from a german advance.

Any suggestions?
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RE: Soviet Army HQ placements - where's best?

Post by Shalkai »

I do a few things to lessen the risk of shatters - keep Army HQs far enough back so Axis infantry can't get there with enough MP for a full attack, stack them with a decent division set for reserve, try to keep them in non-clear terrain so that panzers have penalties if they try a drive-by attack. One other thing that I think helps is having ToeM set to 100%. I think that increases their resilience and gives them more chance of a retreat/rout instead of a shatter.
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