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This isn't meant as a criticism, it's merely some observations.

1.) When hitting various keys, such as #9 key to toggle between the Group and Unit views, it often takes multiple strikes on the key before the game finally makes the switch. This is usually about every time for me, so I assume that others are experiencing this as well. CMANO did not have that problem as it was quite responsive.

2.) CMO also seems to bog down a little bit, when things are about to happen. This occurs even with small-sized scenarios at 1:1 speed. In fact, sometimes the time counter stops altogether and doesn't move at all. This could last for as much as 20 seconds. You might start to think that the game is totally frozen and is in need of being re-started, but then it comes back to life. I believe that it is a memory-type of issue.

Also, if you have made a few keystrokes then, when the program starts moving again, you will see all of those different keystrokes come to life. So, if you had clicked on Unit A, then Unit B, then Unit C, you will see the program quickly display the switches before ending up with the final unit.

The bogging down issue, where multiple keystrokes are made in the meantime, is quite problematic if you were in the FIRE SETTING. You may think that the program has paused due to incoming missiles, and as you prepare to view the screen you suddenly realize that one of those keystrokes re-started the paused game and your battle is racing before your eyes before you can even watch it because you were in the FIRE SETTING.

(Note: I have a fairly new computer, with no anti-virus software, a large amount of RAM and vacant HD space, and I don't use TacView, or any of the fantastic graphics maps (so my setup sort of resembles that in CMANO), so it isn't a question of using too much memory on my end.

In general, the use of memory seems more sluggish (not as smooth) as CMANO at this point. It's just an observation.

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