Adjusted Campaigns per Artillery

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Adjusted Campaigns per Artillery

Post by eddieballgame »

For those that think Artillery is a bit 'op' I made the following adjustments for fun.

Main Campaign Mods-v2 (adjusted 12/13/2019)

Artillery Adjustments

Artillery: Max Shells = 6 (was 10) De-Moralization 5

Heavy Artillery: Max Shells = 8 (was 10) De-Moralization 10

Super Heavy Artillery: Max Shells = 4 (was 3) De-Moralization 15 (was 25) ... sp=sharing
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RE: Adjusted Campaigns per Artillery

Post by FlashXAron_slith »

Also think that the ART is OP in the original game, I even would suggest that 4 max shells is enough and it represents the research for shells. so at the start you are able to shoot 1 times a turn and after full research 4 times a turn. Late game with an 3 star ART and 4 shots per turn it is still insane , but in line of the game !

Really devs, have you played your game with 10 shots till the end ? [:D]
it is the most OP unit in all your games [8D]
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