Supply Rules and Unintended(?) Consequences

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RE: Supply Rules and Unintended(?) Consequences

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I also got 'Fafnir-ed' with a Maginot early strike and although his Sealion failed as a consequence (he said and I'm sure he's right) of the new supply rules, I lost too much naval power and his air forces owned the sky over England, able to bomb at will the living hell out of anything built south of Hadrian's wall.

Meanwhile, a paratrooper marched around unmolested in the British hinterland for 3-4 turns from one naval base to the next taking steps off my aircraft carriers docking to repair; I couldn't figure out how to reduce its supplies -- as would have happened after about exactly one week -- in a more realistic simulation of WW2 strategy.

The naval game is most unsatisfying even if one is aware of the strange ways things work. Apparently these issues have been discussed at length in the past so I won't go into the odd quirks I saw in the two games. I've since resigned both and thanks to both fellows sportsmanlike contests.

Sorry and with all respect due to the designers, I'm done with this game for now but will stop by in a couple of years and see what's improved in making this game more historical / less unreal in strategies and outcomes.

It's an enjoyable game with lots of potential but I find that it's a bit too fantastic and even Advanced Tactics Gold is more satisfying in terms of sensible outcomes in battles.
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