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B41 mod v.5.9

Post by larryfulkerson »

With version 5.8 I wondered what giving the Soviets the strategic bias of "Berserk" would do to the game so I did a mod on one of my previous mods and added an event to set the Soviet Strategic Bias to "Berserk" on turn 1. If you start a game you should start the game with the Soviets being played by the computer so that all the turn 1 events will fire properly.

Now I've noticed that all the HQ units have a range of 1 but there's no organic arty so there's no justification for the range of 1. So I added some 150mm howitzers to the HQ units of both sides. And I'm calling the new mod v.5.9.

I'm still on turn 1 of my playtest of this scenario so I have no idea how it will effect the game but you guys are welcome to playtest it too. It's a small scenario, few units, 40 turns, minimal map scrolling. This is the scenario I go to when I have 15 minutes to waste before I receive some moves from an opponent. It's a beer and pretzel kind of game.

EDIT: I've discovered ( through my playtesting ) that the Rumanians are active too soon so I need to fix it some more. Or maybe you like it that the Axis minors are active from the start.....

Disreguard this version.
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