Shore Bombardment - Ineffective??

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Shore Bombardment - Ineffective??

Post by sanderz »

When i shore bombard it attacks the port/resource with only a % chance to kill a strength point.

It doesn't seem to reduce readiness or morale, which i find odd

Also the ships were taking losses from little Corps units which again seems odd

Am i missing something here like a way to just bombard the troops rather than the hex?

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RE: Shore Bombardment - Ineffective??

Post by BillRunacre »

Hi Sanderz

When bombarding a port or urban resource that has an enemy unit in it, it will only suffer any loss, whether it be strength, morale or readiness, if the % chance to damage it is attained. Otherwise only the port or urban resource suffers damage.

If your ships are in port and the enemy have land units adjacent to the port then they can attack your ships, but if your ships are at sea and bombarding enemy units then they will be immune to damage from most land units, exceptions being artillery and Coastal Guns as they can shoot back.

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RE: Shore Bombardment - Ineffective??

Post by marcdhanna »

I know this thread is old, but in trying to understand shore bombardment, I found this info, thanks.

However, this shore bombardment limitation has the odd effect in an invasion of England:

1) I can't shore bombard an Axis tank unit in Dover because I am instead shelling the town. My own town! Thus shore bombardment is rendered much less effective in taking out units. There has been no time to research naval weaponry -- that only adds +10% chance to kill a unit anyway.

Why can't we choose what to attack with shore bombardment just because there is a resource there? Shore bombarding resources accomplishes little militarily. why the limitation?

2) The German units can park a naval unit in Calais which is largely immune to attack from the sea. The Axis can and does attack out and damage with near impunity naval units in the channel. Were the German naval unit to sortie attacking outside the port, it should be able to be attacked separately from the resource, but it seems as if the counterattack is on the resource, not the ship.

All this along with the massive German air force led by Rommel/Manstein/whomever who has slain a bunch of French troops and now is also a master of Stuka/Naval Air attacks (!).... this makes it pretty hard, if not impossible, to defend England from invasion. It seems also that the Brits cannot gather up either enough land units to survive the air assault/land invasion, much less put together enough air units to intercept this hugely effective well led Luftwaffe now led by a Panzer General who hasn't Panzerblitzed/encircled to gain experience, but instead bypasses Paris to continue mauling directly all French units into oblivion by smashing them to bits.

Possibly England could put together a better defense, if they never try to support France with the BEF and air units, but just cower in England until the inevitable invasion after France and all their army is completely steamrollered or else deliberately disbanded to prevent the Germans from gaining experience -- as if that would have ever happened.

A German force can invade England at the same time they are mauling France and as far as I can see, there is nothing to be done about it.

Especially effective now is just to start the game by smashing right through the Maginot, which wasn't even considered a remote possibility in 1939 by the Germans. But now, it's the way to go as Germany can simply blast there way through all the French units, gain experience, then transfer the commander to the Luftwaffe!

I like this game but guys, these distortions are taking the game a longer cry away from WW2 than I like.

Please tell me I am missing something, all ears here! thanks

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