Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability
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Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Post by Daniele »

Hi everybody!

We have a good news for you. Armored Brigade and its first Nation Pack featuring Italy and Yugoslavia will be released on Steamas well!

The Politburo is still discussing when releasing the games on this platform, but you can be sure that developers are totally devoted to this task!

But news is not over, as we have other news and updates on the Armored Brigade series, with new updates, new contents, new maps, new factions and more to come!

Stay tuned for further information and start already wish-listing Armored Brigade!

Important. If you have bought Armored Brigade or its DLC on Matrix you will be able to redeem the code on Steam as well when the game will be out on that platform. Click here for more information.

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RE: Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Post by duelok11 »

I hope they release it sooner. Ill just go buy the italy dlc from there
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RE: Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Post by Akmatov »

Not really live, has a page for it, but you can't buy it until sometime in the unknown future.
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RE: Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Post by Perturabo »

I'm so glad it's finally on steam. When people will see my digital tombstone, they will be able to say:
"Perturabo has 1000s of hours in Armored Brigade. His taste in games was impeccable, he was truly a prestigious individual."
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RE: Armored Brigade Steam Page is live!

Post by nikolas93TS »

Don't forget the review!
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