Petition to update BOB II to work on Win 10

Battle of Britain II “Wings of Victory” re-creates the famous and desperate air battles over southern England in 1940 at both the strategic level of the Air Commander and that of the individual plane and pilot. Relive what Churchill called "their finest hour", join the fight in the Battle of Britain!
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Petition to update BOB II to work on Win 10

Post by Scotters1 »

Maybe its hopeless, but maybe not. After failing to do a dual boot for WIn 10 and Win 7, I decided to start a petition.

I started this petition over at the A2A BOB II forum! Come on A2A and Matrix Games, you put this game on steam and all of the flight sim junkies begging for IL2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz and IL2 Battle of Stalingrad to have a dynamic campaign will be buying this game. Really how, long will it take to fix the issue in the 2.13 patch, compared to how much you can make if you put this on steam for $19.99 or so with the 2.13 or a 2.14 patch that works on Windows 10. There is no WWII flight sim like BOB 2.

I humbly petition A2A and Matrix Games to release a BOB 2 2.14 Windows 10 compatibility patch! It may be our darkest hour, but perhaps a brave few can save us! :D
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RE: Petition to update BOB II to work on Win 10

Post by Agathosdaimon »

i hope its not hopeless it is clearly the case that BOB2 is the best sim/strategy game centred on Battle of Britain.

i was getting nowhere with trying to get it working on in windows 10 but today i have had some surprising luck:

i was having issues with the 2.13 version so i uninstalled everything (i have windows 10 64bit btw) and reinstalled my version - my version is the "Big Bytes" dvd version - the type of one you would get in the bargain bins in the past, so i am not sure what version of BOB2 this even is

in any case, i installed it as admin and havent applied any patches as again i dont kow what version this even is and perhaps this conflicts with the 2.13 version or something, - i did just have the compat setting as winxp sp3 and that is all, - and in game everything is running great! it doesnt even crash if i alt-x out of a mission and i was trying some big histore battles and no crashing so far. i am sure some crashes will come up but so far it might be stable enough to enjoy again at last!
I think i will have to just stay away from the 2.13 version or something, - i would though like to know what version this big bytes GMX Media version is

this above is from another post in a thread i just made, - it gives me hope that the game can be gotten working on windows 10 - somethign just has to be done to make a definitive stable version now that unifies all the community A2A work also
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