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RE: US Army / USMC Units

Post by BDukes »

Please add Venezuelian Target Vehicles/systems

Marine, Army and Paratrooper infantry units please add.

T-72M1 Tanks 2013 x91 ... 9082025504

AMX-30B Tank (1973-1974) x 82-> Modernized to AMX-30V in 1989. Lot of no game stuff but modern fc system add. See pictures and change in post below. ... the-AMX-30 ... um=twitter ... ogram.html

AMX-13/90 1989-1990 x31

EE-11 Erutu 1983-1984 31 Marine Corp Unit ... a-p63.html

LVTP-7 Marine Unit 1971 x12

Scorpion 90 1989-1991 x84

BMP-3M (2011-2013) Army (Stabber Missile Equipped) ... ria-bmp-3/ ... eived-the/

BTR-80A (2011-2014) x 114 (Both 14.7 and 2A37 30mm version) ... 8-btr-80a/

AMX-Mk-F3 155mm (1973) x 12 ... _155mm.php ... C00747.jpg

2S23 Nona (2011-2013) Army. *Note 4 per battalion so maybe 4 mount unit?

2S19 Msta-S (2011-2013) x48 ... /118294553

BM-21 Grad (2011) x24 ... 05141.html

BM-30 Smerch (2013) x12 ... 05141.html

SR-5 MRLS (2014-2015) X 18 ... a-p57.html

M-114A1 155mm Artillery 1963 x18 ... o-p14.html

M-101A 105mm Artillery 1963 x 36

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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by F4U7Corsair »

#1872, 1873 - MICA EM, MICA IR

Both missiles have essentially the same avionics and guidance with different sensor heads. They should thus have the same flags, namely:

Cooperative Engagement (CEC). the MICA can be fired from L16 tracks. ... r-air-mica
le Mica peut être tiré sur des cibles situées derrière l'avion grâce à une désignation d'objectif transmise via liaison de données (L16)

The MICA can be fired on targets behind the aircraft thanks to DL target designation (L16) ... ce-rafale/
A second Rafale, acting as wingman, acquired the target and provided target designation information to the first aircraft via the Link 16 data link

Lock On After Launch (LOAL). ... t_id=15322
Missile guidance
• Strap-down inertial reference unit
• Active RF monopulse doppler seeker
• Passive imaging IR seeker
• Data-link
• Lock-On After Launch
• Lock-On Before Launch

It also needs to be able to be fired from IRST or ESM tracks. I observed that the MICA EM currently cannot. ... t_id=15322
Target designation modes
• Onboard aircraft radar
• Electro-optical sensors
• Helmet mounted sight (HMS)
• Autonomous lock-on from the seeker’s own IRST scans ... ifference-
This allowed us to designate the target from any source (EM / IR / Laser Threat Detection - Electromagnetic Threat Detection / Infrared / Laser), when the security bubble around the Rafale was invad-ed, and to execute the missile launch “over the shoulder.” Over the shoulder means that a MICA can be fired at a target located at position six o’clock (behind the aircraft) without changing flight direction.

CEC and passive firing most definitely applies to #961 and #371 METEOR too (I'm not sure of the relevance of LOAD for ARH missiles?).
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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by orca »

Can you add EA-18G Growler block iii as a hypothetical unit?

Would be same upgrade as current block iii in DB including reduces RCS and conformation fuel tanks. No IRST.

Thanks for considering
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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by KLAB » ... _Land.aspx
Worthy of note for future DB update consideration please.
The Green Dragon appears to be in service on at least one SAAR 4.5.
(I have only checked the in DB3K viewer not the most current DB so apologies in advance if it's in the newest incarnation).
The article has a photo of a SAAR-45-ISRAEL with an aft launcher for the Green Dragon loitering munition and details of the weapon itself.
On a similar note the Russians would appear to be developing their own loitering attack UAV.KUB-BLA. ... otnik.html
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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by Pancor »

I was just surfing in the Database DB3000

When i come to Iver Huitfeldt Class -#2331 - Final Weapon Outfit, 2015
Up until now the Iver Huitfeldt class i've seen has never fitted with 127mm, only the two 76mm OTO-Melara

as reference i've took at Alamy photo as per 22 April 2018 the gun still sport two 76mm OTO-Melara although with the CIWS in-Place

So maybe could the Iver Huitfeld Class -#2331 - Final Weapon Outfit, 2015 change its gun from 127mm to 2x OTO-Melara 76mm
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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by Ancalagon451 »

Requesting ground launching versions of Alamo B & D for current war in Yemen scenarios.

One of them already exists here, which uses the air launched versions, and so it has an unrealistic long range, due to the range of the missiles being calculated for a platform with a substantial horizontal speed and vertical altitude, and not for a static ground one.

There are of course no performance data available but this source estimates a reduction in range of, at least, half max.

So conservative numbers would be 18-20nm for Alamo B and 30-33nm for Alamo D

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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by CrazyIvan101 »

Could we get a hypothetical GBI variant with multiple kill vehicles? The previous Multiple kill vehicle program was cancelled and then restarted. Each GBI should be able to carry 6 KKV's at minimum based on the video below.

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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by Hongjian »

Requesting torpedo defense mortar/decoy system for the Type 056 Jiangdao-class light frigate. ... 9438933443

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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by BurntChickenDot »

I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but as far as I am aware the Blackburn Buccaneer should be carrier capable. At the moment it is not.
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RE: Stickied thread for minor database issues?

Post by LORDPrometheus »

A few random things that i would like to see added due to the recent tensions in Kashmir.

Pakistan now operates the LY-80 SAM system which is the export version of the HQ-16A or the Chinese BUK clone. here is the appropriation documentation ... 014-15.pdf

Pakistan possesses 2 Super King Air 350 for Recon i suspect they are somewhat cut down versions of the MC-12 based on the civilian platform

Pakistan operates 90 Mirage 5DPA2 conversion trainers which in a conflict would almost certainly be pressed into service however the database has no two-seater Mirage 5s for any nation Specs would be close to identical to the single seat versions. This is a low priority since i can just use the single seat aircraft but i think it would be a nice thing to add with minimal effort.

The exact same scenario exists for the Mirage III there are no 2 seat versions for any nation in the database

For India:

They operate an old 707 as a reconnaissance A/C
In addition they operate 2 Global 5000 ELINT planes
And 2 Gulfstream 100 optical reconnaissance A/C
lastly they have 3 Glufstream IIIs for ELINT/EW

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Post by trujillocorreo »

Please modify the flight pattern of the ASM KH-31A. Currently this missile presents a sea skimming attack pattern and that is a feature that only the KH-31AD has. The attack pattern of the KH-31A is similar to that of the KH-31P.


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Spear 3 missile addition to DB

Post by wildcolonialboy »

Greetings sirs,

Please could you add the Spear 3 missile? It's an awesome little British missile, just now being integrated into Typhoon and in the near future, the F-35. It is like a cross between the Israeli Delilah missile and the SDB-II, a multi-mode seeker air-to-surface missile powered by a turbojet. It has a millimeter wave radar seeker, a semi-active laser seeker and inertial/GPS, along with a two-way datalink. It will be very effective against SAM sites, moving vehicles, armoured vehicles etc, but can also attack ships and its semi-active laser mode can allow forces on the ground to lase targets to provide CAS support too!

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post links as my post count isn't high enough yet, but the Wikipedia page for Spear 3, along with a Spear 3 page on ThinkDefence, a Spear 3 article by Jane's called 'Aimpoint Selection' and a Spear 3 page on MissileThreat, provide all of the relevant stats for this weapon. The seeker is the same one as on the Brimstone 2, just with a inertial/GPS and a two-way datalink added.

It would be really awesome to see this weapon in CMANO so I can create new scenarios involving the F-35 launched from the Queen Elizabeth carrier, for which the Spear 3 will truly be the tip of their spear. Imagine a 'four-ship' wolfpack of British F-35s, two of which carry 2 x Meteor, 8 x Spear 3, and two of which carry 4 x Meteor. With that MADL datalink of theirs, they could cause absolute chaos in an IADS.
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RE: Spear 3 missile addition to DB

Post by Filitch »

Please remove code 1001 Illuminate at Launch for missiles AA-7 Apex A(#790), C(#152), E(#2064) and add code 2012 Lock-On After Launch (LOAL).
Remove code 2002 Anti-Air Rear-Aspect and add code 2003 Anti-Air All-Aspect for missiles AA-7 Apex B (#789)
Change minimal air range to 0.2 nm (0.5 km) for missiles AA-7 Apex C(#152), D (#151), E(#2064)
Homing device for C was developed in second half of 70-s. Should generation be changed?
And probably probability of kill for E should be higher, about 80%. As result of improving of sensor capabilities, better jamming resistant, higher allowable acceleration of target.
Probability of kill for B should be higher, about 70%. According launches statistics it can be 70-75%.
Sources: R.Angelsky "Domestic air-to-air missiles", Aviation and cosmonautics, #9 2002.
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9S32M Radar

Post by trujillocorreo »

Please adjust the range of the 9S32M / 9S32ME radar of the Antey 2500 / S-300V4 S-300VM system.

As published by the manufacturer, the 9S32M radar has an instrument range of 400 km / 215 MN, which allows it to illuminate targets at the maximum range of the 9M82M / 9M82ME missiles.

Likewise, the new 9M82MD extended reach missiles, up to 400 km range for the S-300V4 and 9M82MDE, can also be used, up to 350Km range for the S-300VM Antey 2500 (include these new missiles in the BD from Of 2014)

Therefore the S-300V4 system will be able to use the 9M83M small missile, the large 9M82MD and intermediate 9M82M missile with the range of up to 200 km. According to him, the 9M82MD missile is designed to intercept aerodynamic targets within the range of 400 km, as well as the main types of ballistic targets, including the warheads of medium-range ballistic missiles flying at a speed of up to 4,500 meters per second .

Links of interest: ... ntey-2500/ ... ange-19115
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RE: 9S32M Radar

Post by Filitch »

All versions of Su-30 (#436, #3820, #3819, #4582) missing property - #8001 Probe Refueling. But it was one of key feature of Su-30 against parent Su-27. You can see refueling probe on the nose at the port side
#436 Su-30 should has two-pilots crew, not one pilot
Source: Y.Gordon, Sukhoi Su-27, 2007

As I can see - all non-Russian versions of Su-30 have one-pilot crew. But should be two pilots.

Su-30 with retracted probe

Su-30SM refuels
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RE: 9S32M Radar

Post by Filitch »

Every missile in AA-12 Adder family contains active radar seeker with max range in 5 nm.

#273 AA-12 Adder A (RVV-AE) has 9B-1348E active radar seeker ( )
#2056 AA-12 Adder B (RVV-SD) has 9B-1103M active radar seeker ( ... v-cd.shtml )
Max ranges of this seekers for target with RCS 5 sq.m. are:
9B-1348E at least 16 km (8.5 nm) ( )
9B-1103M at least 25 km (13 nm) (Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia. Aircraft Armament and Avionics)


9b1348e.jpg (86.85 KiB) Viewed 68 times
9b1103m.jpg (90.3 KiB) Viewed 70 times
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Modification for the database of Venezuela.

Post by trujillocorreo »

Modification for the database of Venezuela.

Please modify entry # 565-SU-30MK2: (Venezuela)
-Designator laser mounted in the IRST-OEPS 30Mk, for the guide of air-ground precision weapons.
-Add missiles KH-29L.
-Add LGB KAB-500L / KAB-1500L.
-Replace the DECM L-203 with the KNIRTI SPS-171 / L005S Sorbtsiya-S.
-Add RWR L-150 Pastel.
-Add ARM KH-31P.
-Add R-27ET ALAMO-D. ... rbtsiya-s/





Modify entry # 2801T-61 Capana.
- Provide flight deck or change the base vessel Pr.1171 Tapir by the Go Jun Bong-class LST (entry # 1615- LST 681Go Jun Bong) ... -t-64.html

Go Jun Bong Class LST. Navy of South Korea.

Capana Class LST. Navy of Venezuela.

Add low-level radar JEZETEC JZ / QF-612
Technical file, in Chinese, use translator: ... fault.aspx



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Requests for Mexican DB3000 entries

Post by ProdigyofMilitaryPride »

Is it possible to bring these into the fold? ... rev=search
The specifics for the Mexican Quetzalcoatl-class with the Netzhaulcóyotl as a model.
The Bronstein Frigates became the Hermenegildo Galeana and Nicolás Bravo.
And the Fletcher-class ships that would be transferred to the Mexican Navy as the Cuauhtémoc and the Cuitláhuac.
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RE: Requests for Mexican DB3000 entries

Post by Dragon029 »

Around a year or two ago I made suggestions for updated AESA radar range figures (for the F-22, F-35, F/A-18E/F, etc) and they were implemented; I've had a request on behalf of a CMANO user to look into the APG-83 SABR (installed in new F-16s and being retrofitted to USMC F/A-18Cs) and also the new SABR-GS, which is the B-1B's new AESA.

According to ... 20.en.html the APG-80 (an alternative to the SABR that is also designed to fit the F-16's nosecone) has approximately 1000 T/R modules. This is obviously a rounded number, but ~1000 is what RUMINT seems to be suggesting for F-16 AESAs (both the APG-80 and APG-83), and it would put it roughly on par with the Rafale's RBE-2 AA AESA for T/R module count.

The APG-83 is based on the APG-81's T/R module design, and so it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume it'd have similar performance per T/R module. Using the radar range equation and figures previously submitted on this forum for the APG-81, this would yield a max range of around 150nmi for a 1m^2 target. The link above gives a range of 110km for a 1m^2 target, but that is technically for a different radar, and I would expect that to be a figure for (eg) a 90% detection probability versus outright maximum detection range (50% probability, longer dwell times, etc).

To further support my claims, here is an image from an Aviation Week article: ... ctbox2.jpg that cites the APG-83 having a high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar mapping capability out to 160nmi. I'll leave it to the devs, but I'd suggest giving the APG-83 a max range of around 150-160nmi.

Then for the B-1B's SABR-GS, this link: ... radar.html states that the SABR-GS has an array 3x the size (presumably in area / T/R module count) of the APG-83 SABR. Again using the radar equation and the APG-81 as a starting point, a 3000 T/R module SABR would yield a max range of around 270nmi for a 1m^2 RCS target (and I expect it's SAR mapping range would be somewhere in that ballpark). I haven't found any article or document that explicitly states that the SABR-GS would be capable of providing air-to-air detection (and it is a "Global Strike" variant, and testing air-to-air modes would cost time / money), but at the same time it's a variant of the SABR (a scalable AESA system), which absolutely has air-to-air modes on the F-16 and F/A-18C (not to mention the APG-83 still provides very capable SAR mapping, etc on those jets), and having A2A modes would improve the survivability of the B-1B. I'll leave the decision to keep or remove A2A capability with you guys, though I will say that it'd certainly be more fun to leave it in.

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