Realism preferences

SPWaW is a tactical squad-level World War II game on single platoon or up to an entire battalion through Europe and the Pacific (1939 to 1945).

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Realism preferences

Post by Crockett »

So far I have played the tutorials and just to feel home I tried to play " A second Job " , a scenario that I played in Combat Mission under the name " A second job Vossenack ", both version from Wild Bill...Just great..It was surprising to open the game ,look at the map and recognize the streets in which my troops fought in CM , to enter the same building in one of the streets...real fun.
What I would like to know is :what are the best settings for playing a fair but realistic way for a newbie or how should I set the Realism Preferences to play close to realism but yet not difficult.
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Post by BryanMelvin »


What I set mine on is Command and Control off. and..

Reduced Squads Off,
Limited ammo On,
Breakdowns On,
Rarity On,

Now for realism - do the above and try Reduced Squads on as well as reduced ammo on.

Compare the two settings mentioned above and see which one you like. For those just starting spwaw - I recommend that Command and Control be turned off.
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Post by Reg »

I found Player Preferences (Troop Quality, Inf Toughness, Art vs Armour etc) the most effective way to alter the difficulty of a scenario. A few extra percent added to these settings and the most meek of concripts will fight like demons. A very quick way to make a simple scenario unplayable or turn the toughest situation into a pushover. Experiment until you find a setting you can handle.

I feel the other realism settings will not have as great an effect difficulty levels.

I would still recommend Command and Control off for a new player as it alters the way the game is played. However, I would encourage them to learn this feature when they are more confident as it will be worth the effort in the long run.

Best of luck,

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