Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944

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Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944

Post by Silvanski »

Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944

Designer Col Wayne C. Close (USAF RET)

TOAW IV conversion by Silvanski

Date: 13 September - 16 December, 1944
Location: Dutch-Belgium-Luxembourg-German Border
Map scale: 2.5 km per hex
Time scale: Half-Week Turns
Unit Scale: Regiments/Battalions
Length: 28 Turns

Gruene Hoe..ald
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RE: Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944

Post by Kurt Knispel »

It's nice to see, that someone remembers Huertgenwald. It's always D-day, Market-Garden, and Bulge. Yet the Huertgenwald bled elements of around 11 US Divisions dry, prompting Ike to warn his commanders that manpower was not an infinite resource. And even German veterans of the Russian front were shocked at how bloody the fighting was.

Bit like the Wilderness Campaign multiplied..........
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