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Inf Div

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Hi -

who can explain the differences between the different Infantry Division, e.g. InfDiv, FJ (Para?), JG (Jaeger?), Cavalary and Mounties? I think the MountainDivision have advantages in the mountains, right?

thanks from
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Hi agors.

Mountain divisions lose less readiness in mountains and in blizzard. Cavalry divisions are supposed to lose less readiness when moving. Inf, para and JG are practically the same, except that JG is usually smaller.
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Post by DiRaC »

What's the difference while combating, if whey all have same strength, experience, and readiness.
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I see no-one has answered this yet.
The difference is that at full strength, they do NOT have the same combat strengths!
Infantry are the strongest of the non-armoured.
Next is Motorised Infantry, only slightly behind the regular infantry. (it has more AC but less artillery, and can also keep up with the Armour.)
Next is Cavalry, has less support units than Motorised, but even more Amroured Cars; And is also capable of keeping up with Armour.
Next is Mountain Infantry, has less of everything compared to Regular infantry, but does have winter warfare and mountain warfare bonuses.
Next is Luftwaffe, Amout the same maximum size as Mountain Infantry, but without the combat bonuses.
Next is Airborn, slightly smaller overall than Luftwaffe troops.
Last is Fallshumjager? Divisions, even smaller than Airborn.
Note that Luftwaffe, Airborn, and Fallshumjager have no combat bonuses, the should be regarded as weak infantry units, and ideally used only for partisan suppression, garrison requirements, or if you are desperate for combat troops to fill gaps.
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I have noticed a pattern in Soviet Airborn divisions expirience during my compaign:

Date Airborn div. exp. Average exp.(for all forces)
08.41 52-61 39
12.41 62-64 44
05.42 63-66 51
12.42 55-66(3 div. surrendered) 52
04.43 72-75(div were in reserve 59
during 42-43 winter)

I also noticed that Airborn divisions are rebuilding at greater rate than odinary Rifle divisions or NKVD Rifle Divivsions.
I think that Airborn divisions not only smaller and weaker than odinary Rifle divisions but have an "elite" bonus - exprience boost and quick rebuilding. You may consider their more active use in military operations.
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