Slow moving air unit as a AAM bait

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Slow moving air unit as a AAM bait

Post by Dysta »

One player from TOAW website has found and used a bug that expoited F-35's AAM strikes by deploying helicopters and/or other slow aircrafts, making them into expendable baits in LIVE-8 Commonwealth Collison scenario. (simplified Chinese)

However, there is an insignificant bug(note: as saying it is used IRL?) you can use. You can deploy some shipborne helicopters and make them circle around in low altitude. Using helicopters as baits and their F-35 will bite them immediately. Use this opportunity to launch missiles (AIM-120) at them with F-16.
This bug might sound 'insignificant', but still enough to entirely exploit the AI Indo-UK's A2A decisions so their Air-superiority tasks is irreverent to player's side. And besides, this is a major error if anyone would even want to kill helicopters for the first strike.

Not only in this LIVE, but such exploits can be used in other scenarios, as long as AI was pre-planned A2A strike without prioritizing which aircraft they should attack first. I think this bug should be addressed, and suggest to fix that so the door-knocking A2A should be fearsome, as it was suppose to be.
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