Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by Daniele »

Empire in Arms has been updated officially to version 1.22.02

You can donwload the patch from:


Check the full Changelog below!

Known Issues
Upgrading from 1.00 to versions 1.08.07 and beyond should be comprehensive and should not require any special upgrade methods to be utilized.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR V1.22.02: The v1.21.04 version introduced new data files and setup files for the 1805 Grand Campaign. During this transition, older games likely will not work. Zipped backup files for old data files and setups were added, but players should also backup any custom data files and setups from prior versions. Renaming the old eianw001.ged and eianw001.tpj files to some other number (e.g., 011) may work and may allow older games in progress to continue. However, players are strongly advised to install a new and separate version of the game and upgrade to v1.22.02. Please do not use data file numbers 003 and 004, as these are being reserved for future data files for the 1812 Grand Campaign.

Upgrading an existing game while battle files are in the \Battles directory may cause unit location problems. Please delete files in your \Battles directory (after completing your battles) before upgrading.

Upgrading may cause intermittent font issues. This may look like you are missing text/buttons. To remedy this, please REBOOT after loading a patch!

Pressing a key to skip the Matrix movie from playing may not always work, depending on the machines video card buffer size.

There may be some issues with Microsoft Vista/Win7 (Screen sizing errors, game not running, etc.) and if you do see any difficulties then try the following:
1. Right click on the EiANW.exe file
2. Click properties
3. Click the compatibility tab
4. Check off the compatibility mode and then switch to something other than Vista (e.g., Windows XP Service Pack 3).

We have also found that Win7/Vista handles the Load Setups/Load Saved Game dialog boxes differently and may require manual navigation to proper directories. We are looking to fix this in a future release for Win7/8/10 compatibility.

Change Log

Version 1.22.02
• 0000111: [UI Enhancement] Need a warning if Free State economic phases are not actioned – resolved.
• 0000152: [AI Enhancement] AI vs. AI combat now trivial / change to chits assigned – resolved.
• 0000658: [tweak UI Bug] In 'hot seat' game, "Talk to AI Allies" lists HUMAN allies, too – resolved.
• 0000700: [Game Enhancement] Make transfer of money to minor states automatic – closed, leave as is.
• 0000788: [Rules Deviation] Implement Forced Naval Retreat Rule - resolved, with exception for light ships defending in port attack.
• 0000846: [Game Bug] Lend money to Major Power – improvements made, but problem not resolved.
• 0000864: [Game Bug] Pursuit less than 1 column (no pursuit) posts up a pursuit screen - resolved.
• 0000865: [Game Bug] River penalty in battle applies for any corps crossing, rather than all corps attacking across a river - resolved.
• Add checks to prevent placing depot inside a besieged and blockaded port city – resolved.

Version 1.22.01
• 0000061: [Game Enhancement] Optional rule Overwhelming Numbers - resolved, but 6:1 criteria and no defender withdraw attempt.
• 0000157: [Rules Deviation] Unable to reinforce into a battle after the round in which the battle completes - closed, leave as is.
• 0000166: [AI Enhancement] AI doesn't defend its navy in port - resolved?
• 0000210: [UI Enhancement] Battle Casualty Selection Buttons are hard to see - closed, O/S in charge of displaying the face of speedbutton.
• 0000214: [Rules Deviation] Disbandment of the Holy Roman Empire should be required before forming Confederation of the Rhine - closed, leave as is.
• 0000257: [UI Enhancement] Put focus on corps after siege success - closed, players can set Auto Garrison Level.
• 0000304: [UI Enhancement] Battle Summaries not posted – resolved.
• 0000357: [Rules Deviation] Reinforcement rules - closed, leave as is.
• 0000381: [Game Bug] Ottoman Garrisons have issues not merging or not being able to add factors to them and in side by side display - closed, could not reproduce.
• 0000510: [Game Enhancement] Add optional rules for proportional naval losses – resolved (see new rule
• 0000512: [Rules Deviation] More than 3 Provinces of Home Nation can be ceded; also capital province should be cedeable - closed, leave as is.
• 0000599: [Rules Deviation] Corps in Garrisons are not counted as part of a garrison to contest control of city upon DOW - closed, garrison forces only per rules.
• 0000628: [Rules Deviation] Corps in city areas should be able to withdraw into cities if there is capacity for them - closed, all retreats must be into an adjacent land area per rules.
• 0000691: [Game Bug] Unable to add Nelson to blockading fleet during reinforcement phase - closed, leave as is.
• 0000698: [Rules Deviation] Defeated fleet fled to enemy-controlled port – resolved.
• 0000699: [Game Enhancement] Make setting orders for one fleet in a stack automatically changes the orders for all fleets in the stack - closed, leave as is.
• 0000704: [Game Bug] Tie result does not register in game – closed.
• 0000717: [UI Bug] Selecting all forces from second page of outflank does not allow removal of casualties – resolved.
• 0000727: [Game Bug] Minor countries showing in log as winning or gaining political points – closed.
• 0000741: [Game Bug] Fleet can attack evil twin - closed, could not reproduce.
• 0000742: [Game Bug] When French and British ships are present in same area, Nelson is placed on French ships - closed, could not reproduce.
• 0000744: [Rules Deviation] Only one of many corps in an area able to besiege – closed.
• 0000771: [Rules Deviation] Capture of transports should require fleet to declare an attack - closed, leave as is.
• 0000798: [Game Bug] Timing of naval evac is incorrect – resolved.
• 0000804: [Rules Deviation] Loser of trivial battles incorrectly losing political points – resolved.
• 0000829: [AI Enhancement] AI never attempts to reinforce - resolved?
• 0000830: [AI Enhancement] AI never commits guard – resolved.
• 0000835: [Game Bug] Poland not receiving money or manpower - resolved, added income and manpower collection at Kingdom creation.
• 0000844: [Game Bug] Transport fleets without escorts attacked in port fight back – resolved.
• 0000850: [AI Bug] Battle crash when selecting units to lose - closed, could not reproduce.
• 0000853: [Game Bug] Free States not at war with same enemy as controlling major – closed.
• 0000860: [Game Bug] Producing units in a Kingdom – closed, could not reproduce.
• Piracy rules improvements – resolved (see revised rule 12.2.1).

Version 1.22.00
• 0000106: [Game Enhancement] Implement external combat option for naval battle – closed.
• 0000581: [UI Enhancement] Warning of extensive foraging losses – resolved, to provide more warnings for player confirmation.
• 0000619: [Game Bug] Cannot Specify a Surrender in 3rd Party Combat – closed, PPs are supposed to be awarded if corps or fortifications are involved.
• 0000670: [Game Bug] There is no 'draw but defender withdraws' option in 3rd Party Combat System – closed, only the attacker retreats in draw.
• 0000782: [PBEM Bug] Diplomacy Phase messages – resolved.
• 0000817: [PBEM Bug] Awaiting battle results pop up message is confusing – resolved.
• 0000849: [Game Enhancement] Can't use 3rd Party Combat Resolution when running a blockade – closed, running blockade forces an immediate combat resolution during naval move not naval combat phase.
• 0000859: [PBEM Enhancement] Clearing PBEM Battle Folder – resolved.
• Restore phase skip for simultaneous diplomacy – resolved?
• Add prompts for PBEM phase skips if no reinforcements arriving or no naval forces – resolved.
• Cosmetic improvements for View Turn Income Summary readability – resolved.

Version 1.21.04 (04/19/17)
• 0000541: [Rules Deviation] Incorrect interpretation of separate peace in the game - resolved.
• 0000576: [Game Bug] Enemy Depot in City blocks occupation - resolved.
• 0000646: [Game Enhancement] AAR battle marker - closed.
• 0000759: [Game Enhancement] Instead of an AAR battle marker, simply indicate number of factors involved in a battle in the log - resolved.
• 0000811: [Game Bug] Forces in city and out of city somehow switched - resolved.
• 0000839: [PBEM Enhancement] PBEM Admin Menu for Minor Country Diplomacy - closed.
• Resolved game bug with port guns firing without enemy garrison present.
• Resolved game bug with naval attack upon enemy fleets in a blockade box.
• Added political shading on/off toggle for main map based on mini-map selection.
• Added additional checks for besieged cities using sea supply to verify no blockades.
• Resolved AI enhancement to restrict risky British and Russian amphib invasions into France and Holland prior to 1813.
• Resolved game bug with display of naval unit factors for heavy fleets with both heavy and light ships.
• Resolved map data bugs with duplicate sea Area3 near Sveaborg that should be Area700, and duplicate land Area253 near Sevastopol that should be Area252.
• Resolved game bug with path and opening files related to loading PBEM gamestart file.
• Resolved player view mode bug in PBEM.
• Resolved PBEM Admin Menu bug setting wars with minors.
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RE: Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by Asid2 »

Big thanks to pzgndr for his continued efforts [:)]
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RE: Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by pzgndr »

All good. I would like to add a comment I made with the beta update release. I strongly recommend a clean installation of the original game setup, a reboot, and then installation of the comprehensive update. I had a problem trying an immediate update on the setup, a serial number error probably unique to the old original installer. So re-install the game, reboot, and then update for best results. Installation of this official update over an existing installed version should be fine.

If by chance anyone identifies issues with any of the changes not working correctly, then I can look at a hotfix if necessary. Enjoy!
Bill Macon
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RE: Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by Daniel Amieiro »

thx :)
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RE: Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by Daniel Amieiro »

is any difference from beta 1.22.02 ?
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RE: Empire in Arms Version 1.22.02 Update

Post by pzgndr »

No change to beta, just official now.
Bill Macon
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