Question on game setup

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Question on game setup

Post by SeanThornton »

Hey folks,

I'm following the New Guy Newbie Guide, and there's a section about setting up the game, and a load of options:


Hit "Play as normal empire in Age of Shadows"

Screen: Start a New Game: Galaxy

Pick Spiral Galaxy
Star Amount: 700
Medium 8x8 sectors
Expansion: Pre Warp
Aggression: Normal
Difficulty: Normal
Research Costs: Normal (120K)
Space Creatures: Few
Pirates: Few
Pirate Proximity: Average
Pirate Strength: Weak

Go to next screen: Colonization and Territory
Colony Prevalence: Normal
Independent Life: Normal
Colony Influence Range: 80% i.e. what the game suggests
DO check the checkmark "Enforce Colonization Limits". (This will keep the empires in nice geographical boundaries).
Colonization Range slider: 1.40 sectors (Again, this is to keep the empires in nice geographical boundaries).

Next: Your Race screen
Pick humans. This is an interesting pick, as they have a very varied set of racial victory conditions. Not just conquest or financial or colonization, but also tourism, trade and politics are in the mix. Great for teaching you the game. Also humans get good spies and all kinds of other characters: fleet admirals, colony leaders, ship captains, scientists etc. Humans are a GREAT starting race.

Next screen: Your Empire
Pick your color (I go with pukey orange myself) and your symbol.
If you leave your name blank, the game will pick a cool name for your empire for you; you can always change it in game.
Size: Starting
Tech Level: Pre Warp
Corruption: Normal
Government Type: I always pick republic. Slight war weariness, slight cost to maintenance, but +25% research speed
Starting location: I go with random; your choice.

Next screen: Other empires
I always auto generate other empires; go with 12 NPC empires.
Hit the checkmark for "Allow independent alien colonies to start new empires" to allow minors to become empires themselves to add to unpredictability.

Next: Victory conditions.
Everything is checked, but DO uncheck "Enable disasters and other events" to not get silver mists, plagues and earthquakes. You will have your hands full without extra worries.
Everything else stays checked.
Incidentally check the winning conditions: for each empire, it is a mix of territory, population and economy as well as each race's specific goals.
DO UNCHECK the "Allow tech trading" button.


So, when I go to start a game, it's just one screen, and I don't see where to set most of these options. Where did these options get moved to, and how do I change them?

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RE: Question on game setup

Post by Uncle Lumpy »

Hi SeanThornton, welcome to the game. What you need to do is when the game loads you click on "Start New Game." Then on the next screen click on "Custom Game As A Standard Empire," lower left of screen. That will take you to the above sequence. You probably should check off any of the boxes regarding any "Story Events" from previous versions (Original, Return of the Shakturi, and Shadows) on the last set up screen: "Victory Conditions." They will only add a level of complexity not necessary for learning the basics of the game.

Apparently the Guide was created when "Shadows" was the most current version of Distant Worlds. It is still incredibly relevant and valid as an introduction to the game. Not sure when it occurred (I came to the game in its final form: "Universe"), but it seems to me the start up of the game changed and the above sequence was part of the Start Up for the "Shadows" version, not the complete "Universe" version we all are playing now. Happy gaming!!
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RE: Question on game setup

Post by SeanThornton »

Thanks, Uncle Lumpy. I did see the Custom Game button, but it was late, and it didn't occur to me that that's where the options were. Shoulda been obvious :)

Thanks again!
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