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RE: New Member Intro.

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Welcome to the forum, Ken and Josh.
This war is not about slavery. --Robert E. Lee
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RE: New Member Intro.

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ORIGINAL: Greybriar

Welcome to the forum, Ken and Josh.
Thank you Greybriar. Love the sig. Lee right the War from the South Prospective was not about Slavery, but State Rights.
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RE: New Member Intro.

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Welcome aboard Josh. I think you will find these forums to be very welcoming and very informative.
"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." - Sun Tzu
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RE: New Member Intro.

Post by Josh »

ORIGINAL: ringoblood

Howdy all,

I just wanted to drop a note here bc even though I been playing Matrix's games since the 1990's, i finally got off my lazy butt and joined the Forums. First thing first, My name is Josh (Ringoblood), and I am 31 yrs old. I live in the US, but the reason for the Jewish flag as for my avatar is bc I am a Seminary student and teacher's assistant too at the Seminary working on my Ph.D. Plus my Grandmother is Jewish who fled Nazi Germany in 1930's before the War and made it to the US in time.

I am a Big History buff and I love the History of the American Civil War and the Napoleon time period also. My favorite games are the Tiller game series. I grew up playing them with my Step-father, in the 1990's and I still play them today.

I just want to say Hello to my fellow War-gamers and Devs and see you all in the Forums.


Hey ho what? Someone stole my name? [;)] [;)]

I say welcome to the forum!
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RE: New Member Intro.

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Welcome to the forums, Josh!
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