[ANSWERED] Air Base Traffic Management

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[ANSWERED] Air Base Traffic Management

Post by zclark »

Running into an issue with air traffic management at a full air base.

Attached is a sample scenario with the issue in play.

Base A has 88 KC-135 tankers. Base B has 88 KC-46 tankers. Base C has 110 F-15Es. All the bases are at max capacity.
Base A tankers are tasked to ferry over to Base B. Base B tankers are assigned to a tanker support mission with all aircraft assigned. Base C F-15Es are all tasked on a CAP mission.
Once the ferring aircraft fill up Base B, they are assigned to the tanker mission. The issue starts when Base B gets full. Aircraft at Base B that have been refuled and ready to launch can't when there are aircraft in a holding pattern waiting to land.

Hope that makes sense.

Is there someting I can do to force the ready aircraft at Base B to launch in order to make room for the aircraft holding waiting to land?

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RE: Air Base Traffic Management

Post by BDukes »

This look like problem that is hard to have but good find. I see.
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RE: Air Base Traffic Management

Post by ComDev »

Hmmm I took a look at the save and I'm not entirely sure what the problem is... the base is full...

Aircraft in the landing queue have priority over aircraft ordered to take off. During normal operations, the AI will keep a handful landing spots 'in reserve' to push aircraft ordered to take off and that are on transit to the runway out of the way for incoming aircraft. This is true for carriers also, where both deck space and elevator capacity is held back to both get returning aircraft to the hangar and push aircraft in the take-off queue out of the way.

If you want to solve the above deadlock, unassign all the aircraft in the landing queue (drag-select and press the U hotkey) and manually order aircraft to launch.

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