Chaning proficiency in the Editor

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Chaning proficiency in the Editor

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Ok. I would like to tweek the proficiency of some units in the scenario editor. I realize you can change the proficiency unit by unit, but is it possible to change a group of units (like all infantry divisions) without having to go into each one individually? Thanks. B.B.
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RE: Chaning proficiency in the Editor

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Try opening View in the top Menu Bar and then click on OOB. You can go to the formation column and click on a formation. That allows you to set the proficiency for a formation from the Formation Report. From the Formation Report DO NOT use the display formation OOB button. For some strange reason it won't work if you go to the formation from there. Go to it from the display current force button and pick the formations from Order of Battle - Units and pick formations from the Formation column.

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