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Post by cardcammarn4 »

NetPlay does not seem to work. When I go to start a netplay game, I go thru the full scenario/options setup process. When I am directed back to the NPF, it is my understanding that if the opponent is logged into the NPF, he should get a message about starting the game, but nothing happens. Once I am directed to the NPF, am I supposed to do something to initiate the game? My opponent tried setting up a game and gets the same problem.
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RE: netplay

Post by Sabre21 »

There could be so many little things that could cause you guys not to link up, but once you guys figure it out it works fairly well. I've done several hundred hours on Netplay although with plenty of frustrations from time to time.

Here's a few things to check:

1. Make sure you are both using the same version of the game,

2. Make sure that whoever starts the game up puts in both player names recognized by your Netplay account and by the game itself in the "Name the Player" box, this is case sensitive from what I've found. If you need to edit the name or password to match what your account name and password are, you can find it in a text file in your World in Flames folder on your computer labeled "NetPlayReg". This is probably the culprit.

3. When you do successfully log into Netplay, you should see your friends name in the log in screen on the left, if his name doesn't appear, log all the way out and try again or refresh the screen.

Hopefully one of these does the trick. By the way, whoever isn't the one creating the game does get a pop-up box indicating the other player is logged on looking for a game with an "OK" box to click on in it. Once the OK is clicked the game should start to load on both machines.
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RE: netplay

Post by Shannon V. OKeets »

I agree with Sabre21.

It is usually the user names that are the problem.

1 - Can you log into the NetPlay private forum successfully? Can your opponent?

2 - If both of you can do #1, then I would bet on the user/player names entered by the player setting up the game not matching those stored in NetPlayReg.txt.


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