[FIXED B998.2] Incomplete group is not launching

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[FIXED B998.2] Incomplete group is not launching

Post by hamlet »

With B998.1 there is a behavior change in missions.

In the prior program versions (latest installed was 972.14) in the attached game the SEAD mission was launching as one flight of four and one flight of 2 planes obeying the options of the mission.
With B998.1 only one flight with 4 planes start, but not the incomplete flight. Seems that the unchecked option " Enforce flight size" is not obeyed.
To replicate just wait a moment until the SEAD mission flight starts leaving two planes out. Same behavior applies for the other missions.

SAVE is on DB 470. I was not able to change to the latest mission (please see next issue report)

Could you have a look? Maybe I need to adjust options, but did not get it. Save is attached.

Thx a lot and keep up the outstanding work
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RE: [FIXED B998.2] Incomplete group is not launching

Post by ComDev »

Fixed in B998.2, thanks! [:D]

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