Executing a planned attack.

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Executing a planned attack.

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How does one approve a planned attack so that it occurs as planned when you hit the resolve attacks button.
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RE: Executing a planned attack.

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I'm not sure I've understood the question, but I'll risk an answer.

On the combat planner (hit "P" on the keyboard to open it); after clicking ok, you've acheduled the attack as presented on this window. You'll go on setting other attacks as you will. When you hit the resolve attacks button, all scheduled attacks will be resolved exactly as presented on the combat planner.

You can set individual units to the attack by right clicking on them and setting orders, but to see the whole picture (all units set to attack a specific hex) you should open the combat planner, or toggle through stacked units; units schedule to take part on the attack will display a red arrow on its corner. Additionaly, they will display a movement arrow (or a crosshair, when bombarding) pointing to the attacked hex.
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