MVSN/CCNN(camicie nere/italian fascist black shirts) units proficiency

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MVSN/CCNN(camicie nere/italian fascist black shirts) units proficiency

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Relatively to kind of equal experienced units, for a question of morale italian fascist black shirt units should always have a proficiency higher than that of regular italian infantry units, like waffen SS with regard to wehrmacht black shirts were fascist fanatics.

in some scenarios like campaign for north africa series it is so, and for example in south front 1942 scenario black shirts have the high (relatively to italian units) same proficiency of bersaglieri (motorized infantry) and alpini (mountain infantry), on the contrary in other scenarios like greece 40-41 and tobruk 1941 I was disappointed as seeing MSVN/CCNN units with a proficiency lower than that of regular italian infantry units.
I'm not sure if CCNN's proficiency should be high as well as alpini's and bersaglieri's ones, but in my opinion it has to be higher than that of regular italian infantry, or at least not lower for sure!

in my opinion there's an other mistake on judging italian units, on gothic line 1944 the scenario designer didn't considered the difference between 1940-1943 kingdom of italy mass conscript units and 1944-1945 trained by germans italian social repubblic fascist units, italian units in that scenario have a really too low proficiency compared to that of german units.

A good job on evaluating proficiency/morale-experience (the last two are WITW quantities similar to TOAW proficiency) values has been done by Gary Grigsby with his War in the West, there italian social repubblic units have around 60 of morale-experience, more similar to that of german units, while they have only around 30 of proficiency in toaw 4 gothic line scenario!

(WITW's gothic line scenario and TOAW4's one both have around 75 of proficiency/morale-experience for german units)
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RE: MVSN/CCNN(camicie nere/italian fascist black shirts) units proficiency

Post by Oberst_Klink »

That can easily being went through my Tutorial '42 - Editor lesson, right? I will attach more stuff to help/assist anybody creating/modifying scenarios, e.g. tables with the proficiency and other aspects; the default ones. As you mentioned, for crack troops the unit/formation proficiency should be higher, for green/untrained units/formations lower.

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