Known Issues - Last Updated Nov 22

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Known Issues - Last Updated Nov 22

Post by ralphtricky »

I'm going to try to keep this updated with all the issues that I know about that have been fixed in development and workarounds, fixes and comments. I'll add to the bottom of the first post as more are found and/or fixed.

4K and other Resolution issues
see tm.asp?m=4379197
Longer term, I want to be able to change the size of all the graphics.

Crash - Fixed crash in Bitter Victory Sicily. I believe this was caused by a land unit being knocked out of ship transport mode while moving as a fleet when it was the last remaining unit.
Major - Fixed issue with the AI not moving Ships. It may have prevented some land units from moving as well. I made a change to make the ship AI faster but didn't fully test it.
Minor - Found and fixed the bug that causes the formation lines to show up. Since it's intermittent, I can't verify 100% that it's fixed, but I believe it is.
Minor - Added in some updates to the expanded time and distance rules. Bob had made these a couple of weeks ago but since none of the current scenarios use them I didn't want to put this out as part of the release. No UI changes, just some cleanup of the existing new levels.
Minor - Chinese characters should now show up in the diplomatic pouch.
Minor - Classic view map resizing no longer leaves classic view.
Minor - Fixed issue with Chinese in diplomacy pouch
Minor - Fixed issue with zoom in classic view leaving classic view.
Major - Fixed issue with loading/saving non-game object like units.
Minor - Fixed Net Awards calculation
Minor - Fixed F1 now opens the manual
Feature - Added a Graphics entry under the [Scaling] section fo the Opart 4 Fonts.ini file
This upscales many of the graphics. Values greater than one make things bigger, values less than one make things smaller. This should be used with larger or smaller fonts.
Minor - Made scrolling easier.
Increased the scrolling area around the main map to 32 pixels.
Modified the dialog boxes so that the mouse capture no longer extends beyond the visible area
Modified the dialog boxes so that the drag area is 15 pixels around the visible area
Minor - Hid the warfare panel on screens equal to or smaller than 1024x768.
Minor - Clicking in the combat planner should no longer cause a double-click.
Crash - To help isolate and/or fix the problems some people are having with Chinese logins, if you add a file called DefaultFolder.txt file and put the path to the folder inside, it will use that instead of trying to find the my documents folder. To use this, you might create a folder called C:/TOAW and put contents of Documents/My Games/The Operational Art of War IV and all it's subfolders into it. Then launch TOAW as an administrator and it should work.
Crash - To help diagnose an issue some people are having with pauses, if you open the Opart 4.ini file in Documents/My Games/The Operational Art of War IV and add a line labeled smallram=Y it may help.
Minor - Game Select dialog now has labels for the buttons. This should help new players.
Minor - PBEM Errors should no longer leave you on a blank screen.
Minor - Shifted Units slightly left in the smaller views to make them look better.
Minor - Start up code show now give better error messages.
Minor - Tweaked the position of the counter on the map.
Minor - Fixed the issue with right scroll not working after changing from large to small map view
Crash - Occasional crashed with playback in PBEM++

Not Fixed - Ceasefire doesn't apply to air units. This is going to be tough, I checked the code and it hasn't changed to this is going to take more testing and won't appear in this patch.
Not Fixed - There is an issue with saving a map as a JPG.
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RE: Known Issues - Last Updated Nov 17

Post by DDSCWarrior_slith »

During Adversary turn replay in PEM++ the selection screen remains displayed, hinding movement behind it.
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RE: Known Issues - Last Updated Nov 17

Post by zakblood »

sorry this area is for the developer only, can you please post in the tech support section if posting a error, thanks, will get this section locked so only the developer can amend and add to his posts
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