Where are the tutorials in Inferno?

Command: Northern Inferno is a DLC for Command: Modern Operations. Set in 1975, the Cold War is omnipresent and beneath the veneer of détente the tension between the two superpowers irreversibly escalate towards the ultimate confrontation.

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Where are the tutorials in Inferno?

Post by spinecruncher »

It is supposed to have three, but they are not labeled. Please do not tell me they are the same Tut's as in the base game. I think that would be false advertisement.
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RE: Where are the tutorials in Inferno?

Post by ultradave »

They probably are - for those who bought ONLY Northern Inferno and would have no other way to access the tutorials. That's not "false advertisement".

Northern Inferno and Chains of War can both be bought as standalone sims where only those scenarios for each are enabled. They are significantly cheaper than the full game and a good way for someone to "try out" C:MANO without shelling out for the full game. So, yeah, they'd come with the same tutorials, I assume.

You bought the full game, we already know, and now added the Northern Inferno package. So you've already got the tutorials.

Just a suggestion - tone down accusations like that until you actually get an answer. There may be perfectly logical explanations that someone may provide. People tend to turn off when they read things like that. I'm sure the developers don't care for it, and as I've said, they are THE most responsive and helpful devs I've ever seen. The amount of database additions and extra features that have been added to C:MANO based on player requests is incredible. And all for free, except for the Northern Inferno and Chains of War features that require those modules. I figured it's a small price to pay in return for all we've gotten at no cost.
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RE: Where are the tutorials in Inferno?

Post by neno »

Northern inferno DLC doesn't change base game play mechanics, so there's no need for specific tutorials. If you know how to play CMANO, you know how to play NI too.
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