Patrol and prosecution areas

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Patrol and prosecution areas

Post by sven6345789 »

Experimenting with that now. With promising results. Had only problems with SEAD missions, probably due to me not marking the SAM sites as hostile ( they did not attack them).

Question. Must patrol area and prosecution area overlap, or can they be two different areas without contact with one another?
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RE: Patrol and prosecution areas

Post by Cik »

SEAD patrols may very well be bugged at this moment. (SEAD patrollers may disregard WRA and prosecution areas)

no, they can be anywhere though generally speaking they overlap as a matter of safety, so that red forces don't infiltrate the gaps and cause you a headache.
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RE: Patrol and prosecution areas

Post by Gunner98 »

I wasn't aware of an issue with the SEAD Patrol but, when it was working I often offset the prosecution area from the patrol area.

Keeping the Patrol area behind a forward CAP or A2A group - with the prosecution zone scoped into the area I wan them to focus on. When they detect something - but only in the area you are interested in - they dart forward, engage then return to safety.

I use this technique instead of a SEAD type strike mission - just remove the 1/3 rule, set flight size and let them work it. This protects your SEAD assets, prevents wasting Radar homing missiles on targets that cannot specifically affect your current strike, and removes the need to micro them.

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