Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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Hi all,

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations has been updated to version 1.11 SR7!

You can download the update from here

Please, check the changelog below

Version 1.11 SR7 Notes

#11036 - [B870] Crash in Magazine screen
#10679 - [B835] Weapons form doesn't update after a weapons record is removed
#10701 - [Minor] Weapon records don't show until window re-opened
#10942 - [B855] Status bar expands over top of unit status window
#10940 - [B855] Switching between two ships leaves space in unit panel
#10965 - [B858] [minor] Gap to right of unit panel
#10697 - [B838] Blank winforms up before launch
#11211 - "Game Options" window has some settings applied applied immediately after change and others applied only on confirm + close
#11238 - Unit status bar and mission doctrine settings disappearing
#11069 - More discrete "new contact" message sub-types for air/surf/sub/ground contacts
#11348 - Display or hide city country names
#9512 - ARM shots against unknown radar type's id'ing them in their datablock
FIXED: "Mobile group" contacts displayed as groups instead of individual contacts

* New map/UI feature: Directional unit icons (Example: This can be enabled through Game --> Game Options --> Map Display --> Set "Map Symbols" to "Directional Stylized".

* Revised "Realism Options" window: . It has two features: (a) The activated and disabled options are more clearly visible, and (b) the player cannot change these options in normal play, only through the Scenario Editor.

* UI tweak: On the "Unit Magazines" window, for each magazine the weapon records are listed by non-empty/empty first, then alphabetically by weapon name. (This reduces/eliminates the necessity to scroll down on large magazines like in airbases/carriers to see available stores)

* More reliable shapefile loader for icepacks (should help with the rare OLEDB exception on startup).

* The existing "New Contact" message type is supplemented by more focused "New Air Contact", "New Surface Contact", "New Submerged Contact" and "New Land Contact" types. This allows tailoring printing to the message log and raising clock-stopping popups with higher granularity (e.g. "alert me when a sub is detected but not when a plane is detected").

#9149 - [B658] Aircraft using LGB keep overflying the target
#11139 - Missile attacks on group airbases target runways only
#11193 - SS-N-27 Sizzler's warhead payload not separating anymore
#11190 - SOSUS not working in NI#5
#9988 - [B759] Weight modifier not applied to climb
#10700 - Ships in port assigned to strike missions do not launch
#11020 - [B870.2] Docked naval units not launching for strike mission
#6519 - Ships/Subs Reducing Speed Immediately
#11323: [Build 906.11]Cycle Ferry randomly will picks launching base as destination
#11083 - B871 Mine Mission Crash
#11082 - Warhead type Cluster Bomb, Anti-Runway (Penetrator) can no longer penetrate runways
#11034 - DB3k: Pershing 2 CAMM issue
#11025 - Weapon Penetration type Cluster_AT isn't capable against tanks?
#10258 - Strange mission activation issues
#4993 - Standard Missile Killing whole SAM site with one hit.
#2226 - ROE: Quit Mission when losses reach certain level
#10745 - Side not going hostile after an attack
11006 - Repeatable missions with activations and deactivation times trigger repeatedly after deactivation time
#10449 - Docked ships on mission and bingo fuel
#11028 - [B870.3] Information not being transmitted/updated between sides
#11239 - CIWS will not fire automatically when other weapons removed from ship
#11183 - [B888] Unit is detected trigger doesn´t trigger
#11185 - Datalinks not showing in older but updated scenario
#11178 - [B888] Air-dropped torpedo does not descend to engage
#05656 - AC under missile fire should also dive to enhance maneuverability/evasion
#6422 - No radar altitude limit
#10595 - [Build 825] Group Member trying to fuel from another causing Group speed and station issues (The real problem: Ships were scheduling an UNREP rendezvous without
checking if the candidate provider can actually give them something (either fuel or stores))
#11093 - Standoff behavior only extends to firing unit not group
#11362: Problem with AAW engagement of Ambiguous Targets Fixed: Ballistic missile (with RV) following flat instead of parabolic trajectory
Fixed: RVs mistakenly excluded from "guided weapons in air" and "weapons enroute to contact-X" calculations
Fixed: EMP detonation can only affect units that have radar-LOS to it
Fixed: Stand-off issue for semi-active LGB/ASM LOS
Fixed: P-3C will not drop VLAD sonobuoys
Fixed: SARH weapons whose firing-parent was painting the target were not considered to have acquired the target (affects weapon guidance logic)
Fixed: Direct-flight missiles should loft only if launched in surface-to-surface mode (e.g. SM-1MR)
Fixed: Geo-stationary satellites (DSP, SBIRS-High, Gaofen-4, various GEO-SIGINT assets etc.) parked in erroneous orbits
Fixed: OODA Time countdown resets if game is saved and restarted

* Speed improvement for scenarios with lots of escort-tasked aircraft
* Speed improvements on scenarios featuring zones
* Significant speed improvement for scens with lots of deployed sonobuoys

* Improved parabolic & direct-flight trajectories for unguided weapons

* Ships now manouver and zig-zag to unmask the preffered mount for firing (similar to how AC-130s manouver to bring their side guns to bear). This is most easily observed on ships that cannot fire dead ahead (e.g. Perry FFG using the 76mm gun).

* Non-aircraft units can now use mission escort logic (only for strike missions for now). When assigned as escort, the unit will try to stick close to the nearest "escort subject" of the same mission and prioritize threats to it for engagement instead of actively seeking out to attack targets on its own.

* When creating an "airborne" salvo (e.g. ballistic missile firing RV), if the target is an aimpoint, assume we're firing at an actual target contact, and that is the one nearest to the aimpoint. (Fixes issue where new salvos are mistakenly created for a target still engaged, because existing salvos regard as target the aimpoint rather than the contact sitting on it)

* Re-implemented incendiary weapons (napalm etc.). These have relatively small individual effect areas (e.g. a single Vietnam-era canister will typically cover a 25-30m radius circle), but when used en-masse they can really "remove a grid" (in artillery parlance). The effect of an incendiary explosion on a unit depends on both the unit's size and its armor levels. Small unarmored craft (hello Boghammers!) are promptly fried, while a similarly unarmored but large ship (e.g. cruise liner) will suffer a smaller fire. Large, heavily armored units (e.g. battleships) mostly ignore such explosions.

* More realistic altitude/attitude behavior for aircraft close-combat maneuvering when intercepting target: "Point" at the target instead of just heading to its altitude.

* Gun rounds now shed speed in flight and their kinetic damage and penetration at impact are directly linked to their impact velocity (so the closer the shot, the bigger the penetration & damage).

* Added aircraft cockpit visibility checks (kudos to Ben Scheppke [Cik] for the laborious DB research!). The visibility values are listed on the DB-viewer for each aircraft. This makes it possible to sneak up on an aircraft completely undetected visually if you stay in its blind zones (this includes under and behind). (NOTE: The cockpit restrictions affect human eyeballs only. Supplemental EO/IR systems like the F-35's DAS ignore these limits)

* Sensor max-min target altitude values are now enforced in detection checks. For example, many short-range air-search radars have a specific ceiling over which they cannot detect aircraft.

* Aircraft now begin maneuvering against missile fire earlier (20 secs before estimated impact instead of 10). They will also attempt to dive towards the ground to drag the missile down and increase their own evasion agility.

* Aircraft evasion agility depends on altitude (at high altitude most aircraft are really sluggish). Super-maneuverable aircraft (TVC etc.) suffer less from this.

* Aircraft kinematics tweak: Current sink/rise rate now affects actual climb/dive capacity (e.g. an aircraft that is falling cannot instantly point the nose up and climb at max rate, even with supreme AoA authority)

* Aircraft using standoff A2G munitions (incl. LGBs) will now try to keep their distance from the target if the "Maintain standoff" doctrine option is enabled.

* Improved engagement behavior for fighters/interceptors with "temperamental" missiles (1950s/60s):
a) If their weapons are aspect-limited, they try to position themselves behind the target instead of simply going head-on at it
b) They try to extend if they are within minimum weapon range (of their own preferred weapon)
These improvements help avoid some common "stupid" behaviors like merging head-on while not having a suitable weapon (e.g. no gun and only rear-aspect missiles) or exposing one's fighter to the target bomber's tailguns.

#9617 - Script to change proficiency or any other unit quality
#10893 - [B847] Feature suggestion: Lua console history
#10373 - Lua: Side awareness switch
#8688 - Add aircraft to existing bases/ships via Lua
#11057 - Make Lua script variables case-insensitive
#11050 - Lua: Create Mission function
#10575 - Lua: Add weapon record to magazine, mount
#9948 - post 1.09 request - Lua action to order unit to refuel
#9530 - [B656] Lua Insta-crash
#8959 - LUA: Event editor modification functions
#8694 - Lua create/modify/eliminate missions.
#11189 - Getting a strange character for throttle when running ScenEdit_GetUnit
#9131 - Event Editor/Lua: Only one Lua line working per action
#4455 - Beta Tester Suggeston for Event Editor
#4919 - Refill Mags Event
#5505 - Event engine - change ROE and Doctrine settings
#4040 - Event Editor- Deactivate Mission Logic- Air Units should probably RTB
#1583 - Event Engine: Aircraft Availability as possible variable to modify
#8417 - Lua tempate Script: Add new homebase (aircraft and boat)
#5964 - Event Editor request: Add change EMCON action
#7407 - Event Editor: User would like edit magazine action
#11023 - Lua Script: Damage Engine (or any other component)
#8916 - Lua: Group unit id copy
#11159 - Setload() fails to set a/c if unlimited magazine but IGNOREMAGAZINE=false
#08693 - Lua Event Editor Interaction
FIXED: [B839] ScenEdit_SetUnit Speed not effecting ground units
#11265 - CommDevices were silently failing on rebuild/SBR
#11230 - Delta files aren't capturing mine hunting equipment adds
#8909 - Make RPs able to be locked or unlocked via Lua
#11152 - Need a Refueling setting in Unit Table like RTB

Large number of new & updated Lua methods:

Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_SetUnit() - added keys: COURSE, SPEED/THROTTLE, PROFICIENCY, DEPTH, REFUEL, FUEL
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_AddUnit() - added keys: BASE
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_AssignUnitToMission() - added keys: ESCORT (for strike missions)
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_SetDoctrine() - added keys: ESCORT, additional doctrines, withdraw/docking
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_SetReferencePoint() - added keys: TYPE, RELATIVETO, LOCKED
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_SetLoadout() - allow READYING a/c to be updated
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_RunScript() - allow to run from attachmentRepo attached to scenario
Updated Lua function: ScenEdit_UseAttachment() - fixed to allow Lua Scripts

New Lua function: ScenEdit_AddWeaponToUnitMagazine(table) - reload magazines
New Lua function: ScenEdit_AddReloadsToUnit(table) - reload unit mounts
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetSideOptions(table) / ScenEdit_SetSideOptions(table) - adjust side awareness, proficiency
New Lua function: ScenEdit_SetUnitDamage(table) - damage components
New Lua function: ScenEdit_AddMission(side,..) / ScenEdit_GetMission(side,mission,...) / ScenEdit_SetMission(side,mission,...)
New Lua function: ScenEdit_DeleteMission(side,mission,...)
New Lua function: ScenEdit_AssignUnitAsTarget(contact(s),mission)
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetReferencePoints(table) - returns table of reference point details
New Lua function: VP_GetContact(table) - get table of contacts
New Lua function: ScenEdit_RefuelUnit(table) - make unit refuel as per AAR doctrine
New Lua function: ScenEdit_SetEvent('EventNameOrId', table) / ScenEdit_GetEvent('EventNameOrId')
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetSpecialAction(table) / ScenEdit_ExecuteSpecialAction('EventNameOrId')
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetContacts(side) - contacts from the side's perspective
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetContact(table) - a contact's details
New Lua function: ScenEdit_FillMagsForLoadout(table) - fill magazine with a number of a specific loadout
New Lua function: ScenEdit_AttackContact(attacker, contact, table) - automatic or using specific weapon
New Lua function: ScenEdit_UpdateUnit(table) - updates sensor/mounts on unit
New Lua function: ScenEdit_SetDoctrineWRA(table) / ScenEdit_GetDoctrineWRA(table) - WRA doctrine
New Lua function: ScenEdit_UpdateEvent(eventName, table) - update Lua script on selected event
New Lua function: ScenEdit_GetWeather( table ) - at scenario or unit level
New Lua function: Tool_DumpEvents() - dumps out all events to an XML file in '\Scenarios'; useful to examine all events without clicking-through the ScenEdit UI

New exposed Lua object: unit [ mounts, magazines, base (hosted at), proficiency, components, mission (returns mission object rather than name),group (returns mission object rather than name), fuelstate, weaponstate, manualSpeed, manualAltitude, AirborneTime, loadoutdbid, throttle, weather, method :filterOnComponent (filter components on a type eg sensor), :rangetotarget( contact id) ]
New exposed Lua object: side [ awareness, proficiency ]
New Lua object: group [ unitlist ]
New Lua object: mission [ unitlist, targetlist, starttime, endtime, active, SISH, AAR, plus 'mission specific details' ]
New exposed Lua object: referencePoint [ locked, relativeTo ]
New exposed Lua object: contact [ type, potentialmatches, side (contact's), missile_defence, age, fromside (who made the contact), FilterOut, weather, method :DropContact() ]
New exposed Lua object: doctrine [ additional doctrines ]

General Lua:
* ADDED: Lua: Add plotted course when inserting unit
* ADDED: Lua Function: Return to port
* Lua commands and response (incl. errors) are now stored to text files on [CMANO]\Logs\LuaHistory_[date & time] .
* NLua library upgraded to 1.3.2 (kudos to MichaelM!)
* Improved error reporting - attempts to show which command and/or line failed
* Improved in-event error handling
* Added Lua history file in \Logs folder
* Allow true/false for boolean values
* Added executing Lua scripts to log (note that this may cause large files!)
* "Copy unit ID from editor" method can handle multiple units
* Added option on Event that can controls logging to the game log; ON by default, but useful for an event that fires quite often
* Lua: Tool_DumpEvents writes to a file (file located in \scenarios as "[scenario title] + events.xml")
* Lua: Contact type as string and number
* Lua: Doctrine - withdraw & deploy settings
* Lua: Added event names to RunScript
* Lua: carry over event name to RunScript in Sandbox
* Lua: Fixed unitname keyword for SetLoadout()
* Lua: Added 'unitname' to Doctrine inline with standard naming
* Lua: Improved error handling. Errors are displayed and execution stops when running in console mode. When running from special-actions, the function returns NIL but the script continues to run. The error is shown in the Lua variable '_errmsg_' and the function in '_errfnc_'

Refer to Command Lua ( for more detailed explanation of exposed objects and functions.

* FIXED: Scenarios: Four Horsemen Position Load fix

* Includes a fresh round of imports for China, US and Poland by Mike.

* Includes various ship groups as importable .inst files (\ImportExport\Various Ship Groups) by Mike.

#11209 - Db3k: Griffin updates
#11192 - CWDB: C611 Colbert Update Add 1972 version
#11191 - CWDB: Add French AO Ship A 627 LA Seine
#11210 - DB3k: Add Dry dock
#11208 - DB3k: Add PL-10 to J-10A
#11205 - DB3k: S-400 Alt Update (45K)
#11203 - Tu-22M3 with SVP-24 upgrade
#11200 - DB3k: Ukraine Gurza Class Gunboats (2017)
#11040 - Vehicles for the new Russian "superlight" brigades
#10878 - DB3K Update: Indonesian F-16C's to get AIM-120C-7
#10750 - SM-6 Dual I/II ABM version (SBT)
#11214 - DB3K: Zumwalt LRLAP round cancelled and Excalibur likely replacement
#11049 - HQ-19 ABM/ASAT
#10715 - DB3K Update: Add New Chinese Space Surveillance Ship (Yuan Wang 7)
#10622 - [DB3k Update] Add Singapore Littoral Mission Vessels (LVM) 15 Independence (2017)
#10562 - Topaz (FIA-Radar) satellite
#10224 - Talon HATE IRST & comms pod for USAF F-15C
#10103 - Add Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV)
#08028 - SC-19 mobile ABM/ASAT
#11220 - Add Chinese LPAR Radars
#11221 - Add Boeing Echo Voyager Long Endurance UUV
#11217 - Validation Check Issue: Inclination can be 0.00
#11269 - DB3k: Add Babur 3 Sub launched cruise missile
#10807 - DB3k: Taiwan F-16 Update
#11207 - DB3k: Korean F-16Blk32 Upgrades
#11271 - DB3k: Add Resurs and Persona Imaging Satellites
#11231 - DB3k: US F-16 GBU-39 Loadout
#9545 - Armata armored vehicle family
#11227 - DB3k: Tanker Fixes
#11013 - DB3k: Add MYS-M1E Coastal Radar (Yemen, Russia)
#11242 - DB3k: Add Vietnamese Scud B (1980)
#11234 - DLC: Update PLAAF Flankers and J-11 with PL-15
#11240 - DB3k: H-6K bomb loadout
#9930 - [CWDB Update 1.09] YF-12 Fuel issue
#10213 - DB3k: Nuclear ASROC blast radius killing firing unit from max range
#11129 - DB3k: DB-110 and Areos Pod Range updates
#11127 - DB3k: Batral Issue
#11126 - DB3k: Sea Ceptor Updates
#11124 - DB3k: Ivan Gren Armament
#11122 - DB3k; Al Riyahd's Torpedo launchers face aft
#11121 - DB3k: Amry PLAN HQ-17 and PGZ-07 pairs
#11118 - DB3k: Last 4 German Gepard PTM's decomissioned
#11131 - [DB3k] Reactivation of Utes Sepal Batteries in Crimea
#11128 - DB3k; Add Verba Manpads
#11112 - Galosh ABM not implemented correctly
#10704 - Upgrades for HN Roussen-class FACs
#11134 - DB3k: Add Egyptian Gowind Corvettes (2018)
#11119 - DB3k: Greek Navy Combattante SSM Upgrades
#10812 - F-16 Have Glass I/II mods
#10811 - SEAD-dedicated USAF F-16CM with "Have Glass 5th Gen" RAM treatment
#10673 - DB3k Update: Add R-24T and R-23 Loadouts to Cuban and Angolan MiG-23's
#10120 - DB3k: Add Spanish MQ-9B
#11065 - DB3k: Brimstone 2 needs to be added to Queen E mag
#11064 - DB3k: Ship_2947,2948, 2949 Hull number wrong
#11037 - DB3k: Add boat davits to Armidale
#10867 - Add Ledong AB to Hainan Imports
#10581 - CSA-003 & CSA-004 ISR aircraft
#10579 - Diamond DA42 Twin Star
#10285 - Aselsan Koral mobile jammer
#10196 - 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV SPG
#11098 - DB3k: Add YJ-91 to J-10B
#11096 - BS-64 Podmoskovye (Project 09787 Delta-Stretch)
#11095 - DB3k: Review Petr Velikiy for errors
#11090 - DB3k: Arleigh Burke Fuel Consumption Inaccurate
#11088 - DB3k: Oniks Land Attack Capability
#11080 - DB3k: Polaris A2 Range
#11063 - DB3k: Out of service date for RC-135X Cobra Eye
#11062 - JH-7 naval mine loadout
#10176 - Buk-M3 SAM
#11099 - [DB3k]Bangladesh gets 2 Ming G's
#11097 - FAB-500M54 & FAB-500M62 loadouts for Su-33 Gefest
#11087 - DB3K: SAM Plt (RBS 70 Mk1 MANPADS x 2 will not fire
#10874 - DB3k Update: Updates to Spanish Mirages
#11008 - DB3k: Add Russian Su-33 Gefest SVP-24 Upgrade (2016)
#11105 - [DB3K448] Small AMRAAM issue on Have Glass F-16
#11106 - [DB3K448] LS-6 warhead issue
#11141 - Exoatmospheric SM-3 shot down the target(Kh-32) flying at 40km.
#11140 - DB3k: Poland getting JASSM-ER
#10171 - SM-3 should be able to make intercepts only outside atmosphere
#11166 - SBIRS sats not working as expected
#11165 - DSP satellites non-importable
#11146 - DB3k Update: Mine records
#10661 - DB3k Update: Add Indonesian Nagabanda Submarine (Imp Chang Bogo)
#10638 - PLAN Sovremenny MLU
#10770 - EA-03 Soar Dragon UAV
#10571 - [DB3k Update] Stryker Lethality Upgrade
#10205 - Gaofen-4 GEO EO/IR satellite
#7256 - DB3k: Add Ya Zahra-3 (YZ-3) SAM Iran 2014- Crotale copy
#11181 - Add Djebel Chenoua [C-58] -- Algeria (Navy) Missile boats
#11180 - [DB3k] Add Nigerian Navy
#11177 - DB3k; Add Nigerian Airforce and Army Units
#11021 - KN-06 LR-SAM
#10980 - YJ-8 missile family
#10191 - JD-16 "Sino-Growler"
#11056 - LRLAP round (for Zumwalt AGS gun) not going into service

CWDB additions:


OH-6A Cayuse [MD-500D] -- Argentina (Army), 1970
AD-5W Skyraider -- United States (Marine Corps), 1950-1962, EA-1E
Bell 206B-1 JetRanger -- Brazil (Navy), 1974
Bell 206B-1 JetRanger -- Chile (Navy), 1970
Bell 47 Sioux -- Brazil (Navy), 1953-1994
F-5A Freedom Fighter -- Libya (Air Force), 1968
IL-10 Beast -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Naval Aviation [AV-MF]), 1950
La-9 Fritz -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Frontal Aviation [VVS]), 1950
MiG-15bis B Fagot -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Naval Aviation [AV-MF]), 1953
MiG-17F Fresco C -- Morocco (Air Force), 1961
SA 313B Alouette II -- Argentina (Army), 1975
SA.319B Alouette III -- Chile (Navy), 1977, ASW
SA.319B Alouette III -- Peru (Navy), 1972
SH-34J (HSS-1N) Seabat -- Chile (Navy), 1961-1968
SH-34J (HSS-1N) Seabat -- Chile (Navy), 1968-1978
Su-7BMK Fitter A -- Algeria (Air Force), 1971


A 627 La Seine -- France (Navy), 1948
A 280 Resurgent -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1974-1979
A 84 Reliant -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1974-1979
C 611 Colbert -- France (Navy), 1972-1976
D 02 Devonshire [County Batch 1] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977-1981
D 20 Fife [County Batch 2, Exocet] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
D 80 Sheffield [Type 42 Batch 1] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1975
F 107 Rothesay [Type 12M] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977, Modified
F 109 Leander [Type 12I Leander Batch 1, Ikara] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
F 109 Leander [Type 12I Leander Batch 1] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977, Seacat
F 169 Amazon [Type 21 Amazon Class] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977-1984
F 169 Amazon [Type 21, Exocet] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
F 40 Sirius [Type 12I Leander Batch 2, Exocet] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
F 78 Blackwood Class (Type 14) -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1964-1979
L 10 Fearless -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
L 3029 Sir Lancelot [Round Table Class] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977
LCVP -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1977

Ground units:

Inf Plt (Paratroopers) -- Argentina (Army)
Armored Plt (Centurion Mk 3 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Army)
Armored Plt (Centurion Mk 5/1 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Army)
Armored Plt (Centurion Mk 6/1 MBT) -- United Kingdom (Army)
Armored Recon Plt (AML-60/90) -- Argentina (Army), 1969
Armored Recon Sec (AML-60/90) -- Argentina (Army), 1969
Armored Sec (FV 107 Scimitar Light Tank x 2) -- United Kingdom (Army), 1971
Arty Sec (105mm/22 M101 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Argentina (Army), 1971
Arty Sec (155mm/20 M114 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Argentina (Army), 1961
Arty Sec (155mm/23 M109A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 3) -- Argentina (Army), 1969
Mech Inf Cmd Sec (LVTP-7 Amtrack IFV x 3) -- Argentina (Marines), (Armoured Personel Carrier)
Mech Inf Plt (AMX-VCI x 4) -- Argentina (Army), 1969
Mech Inf Plt (M-3 APC) -- Argentina (Army)


DSP [Satellite Early Warning System Blk II] -- United States (Generic), 1975-1979, 3x, Missile Launch Detection
DSP [Satellite Early Warning System Blk I] -- United States (Generic), 1970-1983, 4x, Missile Launch Detection

Mounts (mobile ground units):

7.62mm M2 .30 Cal [450 rnds] -- Helicopter
105mm L10Al Towed Light Gun L 10 Al L 10 Al Towed Light Gun
122mm howitzer M-30 -- Towed Howitzer
130mm/52 M-30 Towed Howitzer -- 1951
152mm/25 D-1 Towed Howitzer
155mm/30 M-50 Howitzer
155mm/50 L-33 Howitzer
AT-2 Swatter B [9M17M Skorpion-M]
AT-3 Sagger A [9M14 Malyutka]
BM-14 Katyusha 122mm
BRDM-2 [AT-3 Sagger A] IFV
BTR-40A (14.5mm AAMG)
Centurion Mk 3 Main Battle Tank -- 1951-61
Centurion Mk 5/1 Main Battle Tank
Centurion Mk 6/1 Main Battle Tank
FV 107 Scimitar -- UK, 1971
FV 601 Saladin Armoured Car
FV 603 Saracen APC
Gabriel I Single -- Yom Kippur 73
Gabriel I Triple -- Trainable-Yom Kippur 73
Gabriel I Twin -- Yom Kippur 73
GAZ-66 [23mm ZU-23-2 AAMG]
GAZ-69 [M40 recoilless rifle (105mm)]
Jeep BGM-71A TOW -- BGM-71A
Jeep M67 recoilless rifle
Jeep SS-11
LVTC-7 Amtrack (Command Vehicle)
LVTR-7 Amtrack (Recovery Vehicle)
M-3 APC (90mm Anti-Tank)
M-3 APC (SS-11 Anti-Tank)
M-3 APC (TCM 20mm)
M-3 Mk. A APC
M-3 Mk. B (Command Carrier)
M-3 Mk. C (120mm Mortar)
M-43 120mm Mortar -- 120 Rounds
Mk16 ASROC -- Mk46/RGM-66D Standard [ARM]
QF 25-pounder

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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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Congrats devs, the game just keeps getting better and better.
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Obligatory "when is it coming on steam?" post
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Its available on Steam :) It's almost always a simultaneous release if the game is available on Steam.
Iain McNeil
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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Thank you!

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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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I can't find the realism settings, they don't appear as shown in the OP when I launch a scenario and they aren't in the "realism settings" window in editor mode.
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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Amazing stuff! One issue though, the record icon graphics seem to have lost its transparency a bit:
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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Thank you!
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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just wonderful...THANKS!
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by ColonelMolerat »

Nice! It has left any ugly white box at the bottom of the right-hand menu though.

You can see it at the very bottom-right of this image:
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by pgatcomb »

Does anyone else get this error where the mission window is "incomplete" and since it can't be resized there is no way to hit the buttons. I am using the most recent version on steam and I did hit the button to reset window sizes.

Missing controls
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by Eggstor »

One thing left less-than-fully mentioned related to window sizing - you do need to delete your command.ini file because of window resizing:
** IMPORTANT NOTE #3 **: The default sizes of some windows have been changed. Because of this, you must delete the file "Command.ini" on the CMANO root folder before starting up. Otherwise the modified windows may not show up in their correct sizes.
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by pgatcomb »

Got it fixed, thanks.
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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helped me, too - maybe post this at the steam update thread?
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by magi »

thank you guys..... works great for me....
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

Post by gregb41352 »

ORIGINAL: pgatcomb

Does anyone else get this error where the mission window is "incomplete" and since it can't be resized there is no way to hit the buttons. I am using the most recent version on steam and I did hit the button to reset window sizes.

Missing controls

I'm getting this as well....can't make missions!
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RE: Command v1.11 SR7 Update Notes

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** IMPORTANT NOTE #3 **: The default sizes of some windows have been changed. Because of this, you must delete the file "Command.ini" on the CMANO root folder before starting up. Otherwise the modified windows may not show up in their correct sizes.
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