RIP, Richard Hatch (aka Captain Apollo)

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RIP, Richard Hatch (aka Captain Apollo)

Post by OldSarge »

Richard Hatch, best known for his role in the original Battlestar Galactica series as Captain Apollo passed away on Thursday. he also had a recurring role as Tom Zarek in the new BSG series.

Richard Hatch

Another icon of the old era of Sci-Fi TV passes. There was only a single season for that series, but it was memorable. Damn! I really feel old now! [:@]
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RE: RIP, Richard Hatch (aka Captain Apollo)

Post by VPaulus »

Sad news, indeed.
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RE: RIP, Richard Hatch (aka Captain Apollo)

Post by wings7 »

A good actor...Rest in Peace Richard.
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RE: RIP, Richard Hatch (aka Captain Apollo)

Post by Blond_Knight »

Frak! That's Felgercarb!
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