www.closecombatseries.net Stats Snapshot

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www.closecombatseries.net Stats Snapshot

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If anyone is curious out there here is a snapshot of visitors to www.closecombatseries.net and maybe it will help Matrix/Slitherine gauge interest.

In general traffic has been in noticeable decline since about 2006. Each new version of CC shows a temporary increase in traffic.

Session - A visit to the site
User - A user visiting from a unique IP address
Pageviews - Total pageviews for the time frame, repeated page views not counted
Pages per Session - How many pages a user views before ending the visit
Avg. Session Duration - How long is spent in a single session
Bounce Rate - People who visit one page and leave
%New Sessions - Estimate of new user's sessions


The three spikes in the last third of 2016 are due to Trump spam believe it or not. The spam was meant to show up in log files and analytics programs.

Saturday and Sundays are the busiest days of the week.

Steiner's thread about CCS issues he posted is reflected in the 2016 stats. The traffic is zero for those days.
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